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Citizen Sleeper is a fairly linear narrative adventure that feels like a sprawling RPG. The developers somehow make you feel like anything is possible in the Eye as you take on odd jobs and try to eke out another day by the skin of your teeth. The quality of writing here is superb, I just wanted more of it.
This is the true best Cyberpunk RPG on the market, and it shouldn't be missed. All I ask for is a proper fail state to keep you stressed about losing, as Citizen Sleeper is content to let you fuck around and make terrible choices with little consequence, which makes it a fairly chill game. This game captures the same feeling as a great book you can't put down with a tight addictive loop, and I highly recommend it.

It took me the better part of a year to finish this 8 hour game, and there's a reason for it. Yurukill is a game of two halves; a really basic and mid bullet hell, and some simple linear escape room puzzles intersperced with the worst mystery novel I've read.
This game's story is the main pull, and its easily the worst part of the game. The twist is ridiculously obvious and not surprising. The dialogue is dry as hell, the stakes are way too low and softball for a killing game in an amusement park. I kept waiting for the plot to take off and it didn't.
Fans of bullet hell games will think its mid, repetitive and horribly paced shooter. Danganronpa or Zero Escape fans will hate the derivative, predictable, plodding plot. Yurukill isn't a disaster, it just misses both of its demographics by spreading itself too thin.
Its a short, boring adventure with an ass pull cornball happy ending. The shmup sections are distractingly hideous as the icing on the cake. The best parts are the character designs, some of the dialogue and Binko's tryhard voice acting. It's like putting a marashino cherry on a cake made of sawdust and and duct sealant. To further elaborate; it's not fucking important.

No Straight Roads is charming, and a great concept for a game. The game wears its No More Heroes influence proudly, with the same leaderboard interlude between fights, and lengthy boss fights intersperced with cutscenes, but the shoddy gameplay and massive amounts of jank are dealbreakers.
Its one of those games that looks more fun to play in still images, but is nowhere near as good in practice. Attacks lack feedback and weight, the rhythm of the song is more or less irrelevant. Even with parries, which are optional and unnecessary aside from challenge modes, No Straight Roads is a rhythm game that can be easily beaten with the sound off, which tells you how much the core idea of the game doesn't really work.
Its still worth playing via subscription, because this game has a ton of fun, campy and stupid cutscenes, a high quality soundtrack, and it doesnt overstay its welcome at only 4 hours. It's a case study of how far charm can carry a game that sucks at its core.
A 6 out of 10 is absolutely a generous score, but there is a lot to love here in spite of the glaring flaws. Lots of early reviews criticize the game for being buggy and having a bad camera, but the patches since launch have fixed them. It's just a shame they couldn't commit to making an actual rhythm game and not a half baked DMC clone.