There's not really a lot to say here. Same Bioshock experience. A new weapon and a new protagonist. This DLC will probably take you 3-4 hours at most but it's fairly fun, and it has a nice twist at the end.

Basically Spider-Man Lite. Much shorter game length but some cool powers for Miles and suits too. Not much to say, if you like the original you're gonna like this, but this game goes down a lot in my rating because it is plagued with bugs. I don't know anyone else who had the same issues but I had to reload checkpoints often, due to camera issues, lines not playing, flying out of the map entirely and freezing too.

The better and more definitive version of the PS4 version. The remaster job is incredible and I honestly don’t mind the new face. Refreshing myself on this story ready to play Miles Morales was amazing, the story and gameplay were even better than I remember and I can’t wait for Spider-Man 2.

I was genuinely awful at this game, but it was worth it. Very very fun game, with a great sense of exploration and fantastic atmosphere.

Only reason I can't give 5 stars is the soundtrack is pretty forgettable and some fights ran at terrible framerate which I don't like seeing from a first party exclusive game.

Outside of that, brilliant game.

Forgot I'd played this, I'm not very good at it but the presentation, gameplay and soundtrack are all top notch. I just can't give it a score higher than 4 due to the fact that it takes up to 20 minutes to launch the game and the lobby system sucks balls

If this is the last Judgment game, and with that, the last game Nagoshi is involved in, what a send off. This game trumps the first in every way and aside from a slow start engages you in ways I’ve never seen in a Yakuza game. A genuinely detestable protagonist and some major characters with actions that will make you constantly question yourself, this game will keep you hooked and then some.

And the combat, WOW. Best combat in an RGG game, and this is just the best game RGG have ever made


In all honesty, kind of boring. It’s basically just a tech demo for whatever the next Mario game is going to be but the boss fights are boring and the game can run pretty poorly in parts

Having Bowser Jr with you is cool but is nothing more than a gimmick. However I will say I like the experimentation here, moving away slightly from the same formula made this not completely forgettable and I hope they use some of these ideas in the next mainline game

Better than chapter 1, gameplay and music was a lot more fun but something about the dialogue from certain characters put me off. Still fun but I don't think I can see myself liking the direction later chapters could go in.

Short DLC to FF7R Intergrade that delves into Yuffie’s journey into becoming the character you see in the original. The DLC handles how she goes from a happy go lucky girl to the more shut in but still upbeat character we know.

Combat here is extremely fun, and I hope they use some of the team up attacks and synergy mechanics in later parts, but aside from that Yuffie’s playstyle is brilliant all around, and she’s definitely my favourite character to play as out of everyone so far.

Soundtrack is also INCREDIBLE

Story is decent up until the final parts of the second chapter where parts of Dirge of Cerberus gets its grubby paws on proceedings, and in a bad way. I hope we don’t see too much of it going forward.

The ending cutscenes show a bit more of what to expect in the next part, and without spoiling anything there’s a certain cutscene that has me very excited for part 2.

An interesting game for sure. On a gameplay, visual and sound level, this game is outstanding and really shows what heights AAA games can achieve. I really enjoyed playing this game having played the compilation beforehand, and it made the experience a lot better. Up until the last chapter or two, this was close to a 4.5/5 or a 5/5 for me, but because of how this game deviates from the original, it really hurts it.

If the changes were done in a smart or understandable way then I think I would have liked it more but the way they change this game from the Midgar section of the original is nonsensical at times and really confuses me as to where they are going to go from here. Obviously changes in combat and bosses were needed and were done well, but the changes to the story at times were just stupid.

That being said I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the sequel if we get it within the next 10 years. Hopefully they don’t go too off the rails with MCU style cameos and time jannie bullshit but we will just have to see

This game is such a mixed bag, it has so much promise but a shit ton of filler that weighs it down. Story is decent but not exceptional, gameplay is only okay, but the music really excels here. And wow, that ending.

I'd only recommend this game if you're a fan of FF7 but it's 100% worth a play if you are, just try to not do too much side content as this game can take too long otherwise.

A strange game to say the least. Have to admit I got some enjoyment out of it but it's definitely not for everyone. Graphically it's very brown and dated, the story sucks and the new characters are terrible. However the music here is fantastic, it really helps set the atmosphere for the levels, and the fan service in the cutscenes is cool. Gameplay is fine, better in the first half of the game compared to the second half where you can essentially just use the pistol to win. I didn't have to use materia much apart from against the enemies that were unharmed by normal bullets.

It's a game very similar to DMC2 where the edginess is very apparent, and I could only recommend this to FF7 fans who have history of playing shooters. There's a very niche group of people who would unironically enjoy playing this, and somehow I fit that mould.

Can't claim to be the greatest fan of MOBA's, but this was genuinely okay for the first week or two. But as ever like most Pokémon or even just Nintendo products, it's released half baked with minimal content and awful loading times. Unite is very unbalanced and unless you have a good core of friends to play with regularly, you'll lose interest quick. Even playing with friends I still managed to lose interest fairly soon.

So much is said about Final Fantasy 7, that to someone who hasn’t played or touched this “series” it may become annoying and change your perception of the game. Going into FF7, I had heard all the ranting and raving, and knew I would have a fun experience, but I never thought I would rate it as highly as I did. The fact that a game over two decades old still stands revered as one of the greatest pieces of media of all time is a testament to its story, characters and ESPECIALLY the music. FF7 has such an iconic cast of characters and locales, but the music just blows everything out of the water (oh and the combat and materia system aren’t anything to sniff at either)

Square got so much right with this game way back when, that they’ve spent years trying to emulate its success, and for the most part failing. Once I started this game, I couldn’t put it down, which is rare for an RPG. Some parts of the game will require some guidance, but don’t let this put you off as they are few and far between. I had next to no knowledge of this game going in apart from that one spoiler that almost everyone knows, which is an achievement in itself, and that definitely made the experience all the more fantastic.

I could go on and on about this game, but in the end I just can’t recommend it enough. Through all its signs of age, this really is one of the greatest games ever made.