I sense a theme with Crash games, they have potential but try to add gimmicks that are absolute dogshit


By rights, this game is A LOT better than the first, but the reason this gets a lower score than it should is because the jetpack levels are awful, and the final boss is so easy and anticlimactic. Had the potential to be much better.

-1 star for having Steven Universe characters

Good looking game but forgettable soundtrack and some parts are absolute bullshit. I did really enjoy the bosses though so all in all the game was ok

You will never look at a meatball the same way ever again

How do you make a platformer and forget to add a jump button, even Balan Wonderworld got that right

A nice relaxing experience. Not much to this, it’s a walking sim with minecraft style graphics but the atmosphere is nice and no HUD means you have to figure out how to change the seasons on your own.

Very cool concept but the execution isn’t there. Camera controls are really clunky and the framerate is really really poor. Had to drop it because it was giving me motion sickness which I never get

I am now on several government watchlists

Shelving this for now, I do enjoy this game but it is INCREDIBLY grindy and the side content can get boring, and sometimes it just locks you out of main progression while you wait for RNG to decide whether your mining probes want to mine something for you or make you wait 4 hours.

Unlike the other Xenoblade games it's much more like an MMO and not in a good way.

You can really tell this game had a tight budget, the UI is so jarring as a result. I hate the voice acting and the artstyle of the character art, but the gameplay once you get the hang of it is actually quite fun. Unfortunately it just gets repetitive as you have to fight all but the final boss twice, but the core gameplay is decent if not overly simple. Doubt I will play another Gunvolt game but it was ok

Online is shite and the cast is really generic