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I have not played too many crpgs to completion, but f**k me, this is an amazing experience. There are a lot of complaints about the game that I find truth in, the ridiculous power spikes, the sometimes weird dialogue choices, etc. However, despite all these flaws, I really think this is one of the best crpgs out right now, period. Each major character feels real, each decision feels impactful, and the fact there are 9 more paths for me to play, plus a secret ending, baffles me. I think what I find the worst about this game is just trying to learn the Pathfinder system as a whole, even as a D&D5e DM it was hard to adapt fully. It really carries the double-edged sword of being a gameplay challenge (where you can pick between turn-based or RTWP amazingly) and an invigorating story where companions and characters CARE about your decisions. It's an amazing experience, after I get the secret ending I'll decide if it's a 5/5 or not.

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