This game is one of the few that left me with an empty feeling after finishing the main story. The ending was incredible and leaves you wanting the third installment right away. The game is an improvement over it's predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn in almost every way possible. It's graphics are mind-blowing, the facial animation is one of the best I've ever seen in the industry and the cutscenes are of incredible quality. Furthermore, the general gameplay is fun. The open world has fun side activities like mounted races and ruin puzzles.
The gameplay in this game is really solid as well. I do think that the gameplay is better at the somewhat higher difficulties (high+) because this requires the player to study machines, exploit their weaknesses and use a wide array of different armor and weapons. One of my few criticisms would be that for some of the flying machines, it is quite annoying to hit the smaller weak spots, but that might be due to my playstyle.
Overal, this is defenitly a 10/10 for me. I platinumed the game, but I will most defenitly come back for a new game+ playthrough and check some of the side quests that I haven't done in my first playthrough.

Incredible story that knows no equal in the current world of gaming but is sometimes let down by the gameplay in the early game. The gameplay picks up the pace in the 2nd half of the game for a more fun experience.