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Gen fucking sucks. Tescos wouldn't accept it as a return cause it was opened. Never touched it again

The sort of game where a grown man will tell you off and make you apologise to someone else and then make you play the game like he and a bunch of other grown men have decided that you have to play the game. So much fun. This game screams Jack Duncan.

It doesn't get better than this. The ultimate 3D Mario, the ultimate video game. Mario is the Jim Carrey of games. This is The Truman Show. Pure unbridled joy packed into a screen. One of the few games I've ever grinded to 100% completion. Reminds me of getting a Switch on my 21st birthday and feeling like a little child at Christmas. Putting off my dissertation to grind a couple more stars. That feeling when I finished Darker Side of the room. Completing the New Donk City superjump. It's perfect. I love you little moustache man. Fuck off Chris Pratt.

If Odyssey is Easter Sunday, this is the birth of Christ. This is Jim Carrey in 1994. It sometimes feels like this game invented music, and happiness.

Terrible map rotation. Shitty mechanics. Pain in the arse fanbase.
But I ride or die by my Fall Goys. 1 star game, 1 star for Mr Beast theme, Family Guy Maroon5 & Andrew Tate theme and 1 star for my clutch hoop dive and Matthew being genuinely impressed by me in regard to a video game for the first time ever.

Belter. Waited so long in my life to play this. I wish I had it as a kid. Great use of Toads.

Was playing this purely for the Alan Wake link, but I think it's too weird for its own good. Control thinks it's being David Lynch, but it's actually more David Lunch.

Cammy Grounds type game. If you find this game funny I don't think we would get along.

Don't wanna debate these games. Sorry Matthew.

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