Above all else, Strikers succeeds at providing a high quality experience great enough to stand against its origins without shame. It introduces new characters that feel true to the series' themes, expands upon the cognitive world to build upon the lore, and has just enough new style to tip you over. It even expands upon the musou game play in such an intricate and thoughtful manner (although when paired with the sometimes tedious dungeon design can be at fault). It's also just a beefy game - plenty of gorgeous environments to explore and challenges with your party members to complete (Once again, sometimes to its fault as well).

It just feels amazing to be back in this world again having pure fun, with enough of it's own flare to shoulder its own mask. Persona 5 will always mean so much to me, and I'm happy Strikers is able to respect that love and nurture it to an even more appreciative degree.

Reviewed on Mar 21, 2021