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A pretty solid DMC clone. Combat is as basic as they come but it gets the job done, some bosses are ripped straight from the comic like Violator, Cygor or a favourite of mine: Redeemer, but also some DMC2-like bosses like Spider Tank aka Infested Tank (would've preferred Overtkill but it is what it is). Soundtrack is good, story was eh but the ending was super anticlimatic, and unlockables like comic covers or character bios are always appreciated. Just don't go expecting an amazing DMC clone and you'll have a good time. In terms of Spawn games, this and In The Demon's Hand are the best ons (so far)

Pure metal gear solid 1 gameplay, a lot of fun.
Also is somewhat canon with mgs2

my brother nagged the fuck out of me so he can play it
i got it for him and he didn't touch it

Completed in 1999. 100% achieved, very good addon for MGS, a bunch of exercises that were all fun to play.

It's a nice game, very entertaining, the story it's not the point of the game based on a WWII game, but anyway this game set the base engine for COD and how we know it, iDtech 3 was the best of the best in those times for the industry and the other Upgrades too.

It's the most fun, entertaining and very awesome game of the early 2000 the writers made a good work on every aspect of the story, the voice acting was amazing shout out to Ray Liotta (R.I.P.), one of the best characters from this saga, even without the cheats this game was a total challenge and my best relaxing way of spend my childhood evenings.

I mean what can we say about this game, it's the best of the best, very nicely done characters, world map desing challenging to the player and the best part it's from the Mastermind of Hideo Kojima, this was a game that never forget, made me cry, made me laugh, gave me more than just a game that's an inmersive experience for real ironicaly speaking.

The best fighting system for those ages, don't get me wrong but, 3D delay fighting (tekken) it's not my style so this combo system it's one of the perfect combat system for me and not BC it's easy, you can be creative with the combos start the chain with so many ways and that turbo speed fight without delay it's my kind of fighting game style.

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