The story, the music, the world, the art is all exceptional.
The gameplay is well done, but is not something I enjoy playing.

A joke about immigration that I realized I didn't want to play.

Gambling gives me anxiety to begin with.
I thought it would be funnier.

Who is this dude? Why am I playing as him?
Why do the controls make more sense in Octodad?

I loved the idea and the world, I just couldn't get into the gameplay.

It seems like an amazing way to tell a cultural story and history. brain just can't handle the amount of interruptions and switching between movies, cutscenes, and gameplay.

Really wanted to finish it....
It was less humorous, tongue in cheek, or eventful than I wanted.

It is the game that never ends.....
Interface and gameplay is quite good. Monetization is terrible. Somehow worse than I remember the physical game even being...
[I have been playing since 1997, and still not good enough to fight against the 'META.']

It doesn't have the same humor and majesty of the first one.
Does nostalgia really ruin things?


Story and characters were very interesting...but the gameplay and world design was not something I wanted to fight through.
Looking up the ending, I was really impressed with the writing and choices they made. It still didn't make me want to play through it myself =(.


Reminds me of awesome old school gaming. The controls and game-play don't hold up, but a remaster would be worth it.

Talk to a wall for a few minutes and get a free guy. Not exactly thrilling.
Robin Sachs was superb, as he always was.

Blizzard does the blizzard thing, again, and again, and again!

Boring and with complicated controls; wish I saw what everyone else did...