I wanted to give KH1 another chance but when i remember that the gumi minigame exists, the litle desire of this game goes away.
Some friends told me that the story on KH1 is completelly irrelevant until the end so i guess i'll drop it and go directlly to the second, i just couldn't stand this one.

yo fui a ver el estreno de la película de gaturro, no recuerdo mucho de lo que paso, 12 años es mucho tiempo, tengo vagos recuerdos de lo sucedido pero fue en el centro cultural de la moneda, me acuerdo que había un niño mas joven que yo que por alguna puta razon estaba vestido de mercancía de gaturro, después de que se terminó la película no nos dejaron salir porque a los adultos los forzaban comprar uno de los comics de gaturro a un precio absurdo, obviamente nadie lo iba a comprar una copia de barata mafalda a 80K CLP pero el nene fan de gaturro era demasiado insistente, al final la mamá del niño compró el libro y asi todos pudieron salir, el niño estaba tan feliz que se meó de la emoción, aun sigo pensando si es que soñé lo que paso o solo fue un hecho absurdo, que loco

the fact that the dev of this thing has a piss kink threatens me daily

Played 10 hrs on online ranked.
This game runs can run on my pc with a bunch of potato mods so this game is automatically better than GGST.
So, every Tekken game that i played i did on a more casual way in comparison that i do with other FGs, i'll just finish the arcade/story mode and never touch the game ever again, but when i bought T7 i really wanted to get into a multiplayer environment like i do with AC+R or SFIII but with a whole dimension more, getting used to use every limb attached to a single button instead of the typical "low, medium and heavy" button layout is hard, but the overall treshold on the start is more fast than the average 2D fighter. Now i can totally understand how some people can waste <1000 hrs on this game, even on ranked it's really a express experience, every match was quick, always leaving me wanting for more, id say that this is a really solid FG but whenever i read about this game was more "Esport focused" i couldn't hold my laughter cause everytime i learn about the history of the meta i lost my shit, dlc characters totally broke the competitive every season, this is a dumb point but i find funny how bamco threats this game lol, i always see long time fans pointing the finger at T7 for the new approach since tag 2, i don't blame them but i really like this approach tbh.
i had fun but i had to uninstall it cus my lousy laptop really felt those 79 gb, this gave me more curiosity for trying more 3D fighters and sink the ankle into unknown depths.

Bastard son between samsho and pre-blazblue arcsys, never knew that an air-dasher like this existed on 2005, it's another of those that has mechanics directlly taken from other FGs, but in the end it doesn't really stand out from other games of the type, and general it feels a litle bit unpolished, not in the way on like hftf or the original melty blood, those games are usually described with the phrase "flawed but fun" only for the balance and how absurdly broken is the cast, this game is pretty well balanced, a bottom tier character has a super that's a fullscreen and can zone like he was fucking guile from sf2, this game feels unpolished on the way like a random mugen pack that you randomly downloaded, hftf and og melty are certified kusoges because they're unbalanced on a exaggerated level that stands out, SvG doesn't stand out on any other way, i'm not saying that "the game needs to be broken to be fun", im making a example of how a FG from this type can be more than just having cool characters (and from my knowledge, this game is a cross over between two JRPG franchises)
Overall, it's deffinetlly not bad, atleast characters stand from each other, making it not that repetitive, it's not hard to pick up and the wiki on mizuumi is pretty good, but when i try any character even with friends i always have a "ehhhh" face, i might change how i percieve this game with the time but while is not boring, matrimelee is also on fightcade and is way more interesting, i would recommend if you're the type of guy that likes optimizing and theching the most of a fighthing game.
Oh, it also has a universal parry mechanic, it's NOT a good parry mechanic, but it's there.
OST fucks tho.

they made Remy an Q playable, plus Gouki SAIII is now actually fun to use

Octopath Traveler fans are finally going to play kino

>8bit platformer with influence from medieval tales :)
>8bit platformer with influence from medieval gothic esthetic :DDDD

This review contains spoilers

brazilians can double jump

ngnggnhwhwhss why i can't found the soundtrack on .flac im going to cry