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Child robot attempts to murder invention obsessed Old Man (1995, Colourized)

July 25, 2004; Judgement Day. Skynet has taken over all the major computer systems in the world and have launched their nuclear missiles.

How the hell was Taito able to merge a DDR game with Space Invaders gameplay, and in a goddamn Nintendo DS of all places

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(another replay of a game I last played 10 years ago)

Playing this so soon after the original, there is one thing that I can say I miss about RE1: the isolated and creepy atmosphere of the Spencer mansion, and the more interesting puzzles, which were far more straightforward here.

But this daring change (different characters, different setting) worked so well because it was replaced by something equally compelling. Setting this game in a ruined city and derelict police station gave the locations a much more lived-in feel where every room told a subtle story, from the festive decorations meant to welcome Leon on his ill-fated first day to the main office which is literally crawling with zombie cops. The less isolated feeling also created the opportunity for more side characters, and the fact that so many of them appeared in later entries shows how much of a hit they were. And while the RE series isn't as horror-focused as something like Silent Hill, this does have some very effective subtle scares, like how the camera angle in one of the early rooms you unlock is positioned just right so you can see a licker crawl by outside the window (when you don't even know what a licker is supposed to be yet).

This game also feels infinitely better than its predecessor. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it's probably tighter controls and more refined graphics which makes navigation a lot easier and more intuitive. On top of this, the game actually features some proper physics - enemies can be staggered, and shoving a zombie into a crowd causes the other zombies to stumble.

Unlike RE4 which delivers a much more action-focused experience, these refinements actually serve to enhance the survival horror aspects. The original Resident Evil had more than enough ammo to kill every enemy (though it's scarce at first), so the best approach was to memorize which order to enter rooms so you would never run out of ammo. But in RE2, dodging around enemies feels much more intuitive and consistent, which adds weight to the fight-or-flight decisions you inevitably have to make whenever you run into an enemy. This lent itself very well to this particular playthrough for me where I still remembered the mechanics but forgot the layout - I spent a good chunk of the game fumbling around, half-lost, low on supplies, juking around zombies and lickers. It felt gloriously stressful!

One exception to the better game feel was the boss fights. They were a little more action-oriented than in the previous game, and unfortunately the claustrophobic feel created by the fixed camera angles became more of an annoyance, never affording me a clear line of sight. The lack of a quick-180 or auto-aim function also felt like a hindrance, ensuring that many boss battles felt anticlimactic because the optimal strategy was to just stand in one place and DPS-race the boss.

Overall this is a fantastic refinement of the RE1 experience, feeling so much better to play without straying too far from the feel of the original. The different scenarios and unlockables gave it respectable replay value too. RE3 is next on my playlist - I haven't played it yet, but this entry will take some beating!


It's funny how Treasure managed to get it so right on the first try: this isn't to say that they didn't already have experience making other types of games, but all of the previous challenges brought them to this point and with probably quite a bit of inspiration and a new outlook at things they ended up making one of the most tight shoot em ups I've played in a while. I haven't been able to 1CC this whole thing as of yet, but story/saturn mode is plenty possible for beginners and more experience players alike. The cutscenes and story are engrained in my brain for how memorable the lines are, and also for how pretty they are; GONZO handled these perfectly (even if they overused some stock sounds a bit too much at times)

The gameplay seems overwhelming at first but as you learn to use every weapon you'll find a use for everything, the radiant sword especially is one of the game's core mechanics and is necessary to get the usual SHMUP bomb. You don't start with a bomb and to obtain one you need to delete a certain amount of pink bullets with your sword, but when you get the bomb it's honestly worth it because the animation is quite lengthy and the damage is pretty significant at least at first, later on the important bit is the i-frames.

On a small note the sword is also a weapon by itself and it's pretty fun to master too; for example if you spin in place you can basically make a small shield for the pink projectiles, or if you hold it in place on a boss it deals constant damage.
Something that RS does very uniquely though is that the weapon levels (which are obtained with EXP instead of pickups, and you get exponentially more exp the longer the chain of same coloured enemies that you've killed) carry over through Story Mode, along with your total score and the amount of lives you've unlocked with the score and that's how it makes it more accessible but still quite a challenge.

As for arcade mode... It's an entirely different beast and requires you to know not only the patterns but also how to level up your weapons correctly. Thankfully there's only three main weapons and one subweapon for each main weapon. The sword has no levels but that makes sense because the damage is already pretty good on it.
But therefore this game rewards your knowledge way more than actual dodging skill, which are still required. Eventually I'll try to finish arcade mode but for now I'm happy to have played this beast of a game and I highly recommend it.

Be attitude for gains...

Super R-Type (1991) on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), commonly shortened to Super NES or Super Nintendo (in Japan, the system is called the Super Famicom (SFC) and in South Korea, it is known as the Super Comboy) has ruined my life

Yeah this game is cool and all but I think I will take off 5 stars because the characters look like normal people instead of monsters created through steroid abuse

「お の れ 邪 鬼 王 !」

A game that makes me hate birds.
In fact, I've been unable to eat fried chicken for a long time.
It's a conspiracy by Tecmo to make KFC's business worse by artificially making me allergic to birds.

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