Coolest tokusatsu games

I haven't played that many yet

This was a Gunhed game in Japan but I guess the title change doesn't matter since it has fuckall to do with Gunhed anyway
Shoutout to Kanye West for plugging this masterpiece

The "we have Panzer Dragoon at home" for Playstation kiddos. JP only but the whole game is surprisingly in gloriously awful English and is pretty fun.

This is literally just King of the Monsters 2


I wish real life was separated into a Rider continent, Ultra continent, and Gundam continent too

tfw Agito gets a better game than Kuuga

GODai can spam electric wind god fists and CBT the grongi, what's not to love?

This is literally just Godzilla

The lobster's dubbed voice is godlike
Somehow this is a better early adaptation of Kamen Rider than Saban's Masked Rider as well

If you think a lightgun dungeon crawling RPG sounds stupid, so did the creators because they just stopped with the exploration segments halfway through! Awesome sequel to an underground classic

The most forgotten Kamen Rider gets a homage in the form of the most forgotten Mega Man
Like pottery

Now this is graphics! Fuck Ivan Snooze though

Japanese version is an adaptation of Solbrain with different cutscenes, graphics, and a whole changed level

Not currently translated.
You WILL have a bad time with chapter 7

Joe is literally me

Alastor mocking players who skip entries hits different


4 months ago

which rider is megaman zx influenced by? I don't remember at all personally.
good list though

4 months ago

Kamen Rider ZX
Thank you!

4 months ago

hahaha that's right, seems super obvious in hindsight. I like both ZX's a lot! Dragon road is a banger

4 months ago

Hell yeah! Glad Toei put it on their channel with J and Zo.

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