wasnt really convinced by the message even with a nice but not very original story

otherwise beautiful visual novel with with good descriptions (rare compliment)


the gloo gun is cool but... i dont like the combat/stealth and thats all you do

fun characters in such a boring game to play

forza horizon 4 had the best intro in a open world sport/racing festival whatever videogame and this game must be competing to have the worst one

tedious and gamey and not very expressive at all honestly

i hate real world war games theyre fucked up but apart from that this has its moments i guess

i added this game to the igdb and then forgot about it

its basically another ace combat

the story is kinda bad mostly because being a mercenary who doesnt care about the war really doesnt make you have any feelings about it, and the biggest thing ace combat stories (except 3) had going for them is keeping you excited about doing whatevers next

the game looks and sounds great and moves like ace combat 4/5/0, which is great too but not really anything new.
really the new cool thing this game has going for it is a replacement of the flares you get with the last few fighter jets that lets you do crazy twists, but for some reason its locked most of the game (its crazy op but come on make smarter missiles)

the over the clouds battle with a lot of other fighters is a great mission tho (and could be better if you didnt have 500 allies)
but i guess ac zero already did that? whatever its a fun game :)

review of Adventures, the 1st game
a bland ace attorney with boring cases (except the last one maybe), bad rhythm, a new soundtrack that isnt exciting at all and annoying baby simple new mechanics

von zieks had potential and hes cool and all i guess but the game decided that he cant express emotions and he cant talk longer than 5 words

example of bad rhythm: really telling that whenever phoenix (and the player) had a big revelation he crushed every objection of the prosecution maintaining momentum. meanwhile ryunosuke flinches at the slightest counter, making you wait during his lament before finally presenting the next obvious evidence that you knew anyway from the start

as a plus this is the first 3D ace attorney that doesnt look terrible and some animations are actually great, but still not as good as apollo justice (nintendo DS game)

i have written way too much about this game

susato my beloved

this is just a bad smartass visual novel that treats people with mental illness as uncontrollable maniacs with boring 4th wall nonsense and another not very good but at least respectful visual novel alongside it (side stories)

i actually think this vn may have helped me when thinking about why is it bad so be positive people!

the arg was interesting i guess but the game not so much

some of the minigames were fun but txt world is just boring

every second of this game is so fucking fun

except the fat demon boss fuck you

yeah i just remembered i played this game until that thing happens at the start and i was so bored

the car is a perfect analogy for this game: its beautiful but controls like shit because it holds your hand so fucking hard and to do stuff you have to open a menu

the "group of friends on a road trip" dynamic was nice but the protagonist being the center of the known universe made it kind of awkward

also the stand by me cover is amazing props to florence

the camera usage was surprising (cinema like i guess) although not new, id like to see it pop up in more vns

story was cute and really had some moments, but i usually like a lil corny stuff and as i have said before im afraid of dying so