you know i had a lot of fun and some bosses and areas were actually good and all, kind of reminded me of dark souls and the original tloz during the first third of the game

but this game has so many problems, mainly that its way too long and streches the story too much

i guess it is telling that my favourite boss fight was the regal ancestor spirit

can videogame protagonists shut up

come on man you cant present an epic mecha big battle crazy fast game and make me kill dumb barely aggressive drones and tanks for 2 hours straight

this game could have been fun but chose not to

that was a surprise

playing the game was so bad tho

this game has no right to be this good while the gameplay is so bland

shameless dlc tho


story was weird but the combat is great, very fun game :)

liked how they got the training theme into the gameplay loop

has some good moments but it gets worse as the game progresses and i didnt like the pacing, not that great

the card game is fun tho

i think this game isnt pretty at all

combat was alright saved it from being real bad

paradise killer but without style

like celeste but with better movement. wish it was more challenging, the bonus levels are the best ones