Much adored cult classic that I really wanted to love, but mostly everything about the gameplay and dungeon design made me want to throw someone's baby out a window.
The game has a lot going for it with its large connective world that I enjoyed mapping out, and the amazing voice acting and personality of Kain himself. The soundtrack and simple but engaging plot were also enough for me to want to see the end.
I think this is a game i'll have to return to someday to see if i can fully get over it's mechanics, but for a first playthrough they really harmed my enjoyment of an otherwise beautifully crafted game.

This remains the most captivating setting for a game I've ever experienced. FromSoftware are among the best world builders in the industry and this is peak output.

This review was written before the game released

I can see the arguments for why people would prefer Going Commando. It's almost immediately jarring to see how much got left behind going into this one, and the levels have largely been replaced by more linear corridor shooting.
However, I felt this game really achieved what it set out to. Going Commando built and expanded on the first game, but the combat in UYA has been refined and perfected. It focuses far more on shooting through everything, so the expanded ranks and range of weapons gives a lot of incentive to use many different approaches. Unlike the previous two games, I didn't feel locked into using cheese weapons because of bad endgame scaling, and I was generally able to use the weapons i enjoyed throughout the game.
The goofier elements are also still present, with Qwark vid comics being more enjoyable to me than the clunky racing and ship combat of GC. It leaves a lot behind, but makes up for it with a stellar focus on combat and making sure everything got time in the oven here.
The story is more of the same, but i wasn't left expecting anything of it since it's just taking these characters we've grown attached to round another tour of the galaxy. Going in blind in 2022, this ended up being my favourite of the PS2 trilogy and I'm excited to try and play some of the other acclaimed games.

A solid improvement on the first game. Combat is far more bearable now, and i actually felt encouraged to try out different weapons because of the upgrade progressions. Level design is still superb too and kept me lookimg forward to more.
However for all it does better, i still felt frustrated in a few areas. The glider and racing sections particularly felt painful to play, and the ship combat was just so-so. Like with the first game, the last few levels are also a bit of a mess, practically begging the player to spam cheese weapons to win or get smacked with infinite enemies.
I ended up having an experience with better gameplay from the first title, but one that didn't really elevate it to a new height. It's still a great game and shout out to Vimm's Lair for letting jaded PC players like me give these games a go.

I have never played these games. I was abused as a child and therefore only had access to an Xbox, so i never got to play these old playstation classics until well into adulthood when i got some stuff set up.
Had no idea what to expect going in blind 2 decades later, but this game really wow'd me. The level design and world hopping is so tight i just wanted to find everything on each little map. The platforming is also less janky than i thought and makes the levels not suck. What did hurt it for me was the combat, which slows the game down to a crawl in certain scenarios, and the late game can be super tedious if you haven't got some optimal gear.
Generally speaking though, the gunplay was adequate enough to deal with, and the silly plot and excellent levels had me fully engaged to get to the end

Shut the fuck up. Go outside.

The greatest Fromsoftware game. Anyone who argues with me will unfortunately be depicted as the crying wojak, while i have already drawn myself as the big muscular chad. Checkmate.

Is it the worst Bloulsfart-whatever the fucking acronym is now-game? Yeah, probably. Did i enjoy it a lot still? Damn right i did.

Dark Souls but blighttown doesnt run at fucking 6fps and the very based DLC is included. Pure kino.

It's a 9 but blighttown on an xbox 360 makes getting a back alley lobotomy look pleasurable

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Pretty solid game and a good sequel to the first. The gameplay is largely more enjoyable and if you played Bioshock 1 and didn't want more Big Daddy content you smell.
Only downside i have really is that the story doesn't hit the same high, and rapture feels less interesting on a second visit.

Everything that needs to be said about this game has been said. Just go play it.