am i deranged for liking this game? probably

just when i thought that little shit couldn't be a bigger asshole

Laughably bad story created by an extraordinarily mediocre writer. Detroit become human is a complete embarrassment on nearly every front with shit writing and an extremely shallow representation and understanding of the themes it tries to represent. I would make a longer review tearing this game apart piece by piece but I genuinely don't consider it to be worth my time. That being said the game does looks good and most of the actors did a pretty good job but nothing could save this godawful script. Never let David cage cook again

The gameplay here is the most intense in the trilogy, and the dynamic between booker and Elizabeth was fun to witness but damn the story is such a massive piece of shit it saddens me

I normally wouldn't complain about something like this but the AI in this game is quite possibly the worst i have ever seen. Enemies are like ipad kids they just completely forget about you after breaking eyesight for 2 fucking seconds, id expect more from a modern AAA game centered around stealth but left dissapointed
combat is very satisfying but not very deep, even on the hardest difficult its pretty easy
Main story isn't bad but felt a bit generic, didn't find myself caring very much for any of the characters
Side content is incredibly medicore excluding duels, the duels are pretty fun but the rest is garbo.
The world is very pretty but lacks variety, youll have to scavenge through the same 15 enemy camps before you find something actually worth your time.
I was ready to finish the game and thought I was pretty close until i found out i was only around 60% done with more than 10 hours left, i gave up as it just wasn't fun anymore.


great game, after i finished it i went down to the local playground and with my newfound martial arts abilities the little kids never stood a chance! THANKS SIFU!