Staggering to think of the shift in quality from this versus its 2016 predecessor - if the latter felt like a deeply bland, shitty licensed movie game from the mid/late 2000s then this is beyond a breath of fresh air. Still doesn't quite match the cartoony playfulness of the originals due to suffering from the current-gen problem of straining too hard for prestige seriousness to the point of cutting down gameplay (if I have to play one more tiring tutorial section where you go on a loop of playing for like 2 seconds before getting bombarded with 16 cutscenes I'm going to lose it). But the fact that this even feels like a Ratchet & Clank game again is more than I could have ever hoped for - there's tons of visually smashing planets, fun gadgets, and a decent story. I love Rivet & Kit as additions, and the weapons are as reliably fun to smash through and level up as always. Really good.

Reviewed on Feb 06, 2023