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This game was incredibly fun. I started to get a bit fatigued at the end tho, but I think it was bc of such heavy fixation at the beginning of my play through. I was also very fatigued bc of the bugs, but I know the dev team was super small and is working on it
Update as of Oct: many bugs are now fixed which undoubtably made the game more enjoyable to go back and platinum. Still some glitches, but def worth upping the ranking I gave in august.

One of the worst games I've ever had the misfortune of playing. The boring story, hollow protagonist, absence of basic quality of life features, and clunky, wannabe-Souls combat make this a total slog. I'll try to finish it to get my money's worth (and trophies), but this game is misery.

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Really holds up well to the first game. There were some things I didn’t like as much (small quality of life things mostly, such as not being able to see when you’re invisible to enemies). I also experienced a lot of glitches that I didn’t with the first game. However, the graphics were stunning, and the characters were very endearing. A very interesting take on nature vs. nurture with aloy and beta.
Overall, I liked the first game better, but this one definitely stood on its own two feet and expanded on the world in ways that did not seem contrived.

Unfortunately, the series traded in the originality it found in the first game for a Persona 5-style shell. The visual novel/gameplay split shifted heavily towards the VN side, as opposed to the fairly even distribution in Death Mark.
Similar to Chapter 6 in Death Mark in terms of fluff and character writing, NG feels more disjointed with its mysteries.
The graphics and UI interface was improved, if only to be a clone of other popular games in the genre.

I honestly despise this game, and I know that is not a common experience. I enjoyed the exploration and the flying quite a bit, and the game does do some fairly innovative things. However, it is a mystery game not designed around a mystery. In the alpha build of the game there is a hidden message stating that they don't know where they are going with it yet - they did not build this game with an ending in mind, and it shows. I cannot explain too much without going into spoilers, but the final parts of the game soured my experience, and made me rather want to play games that did similar things much better.

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