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I’ve completed world tour 100% and made it over half way through tournament mode. Horizon Chase was a great experience. This one is more of the same only better for the most part. Challenge has also been more balanced to make it fairer if you’re going for all the collectibles. However, there are still times where challenge feels unfair due to bizarre AI behaviour. I’ve noticed almost always that whenever you come second and are close behind the first car, it will use boost. There are also instances where opponents don’t lose a lot of momentum when they hit objects compared to the player. There are also rare occasions where you’re doing really well but the first spot (AI) is almost a full lap ahead of you. This feels like a bug and unintended. I enjoy the variety of modes and they’re all worth experiencing. Playground got an overhaul with the latest update, adding challenges for tickets to earn rewards. Initially I enjoyed the challenges but I’ve noticed some that are just silly and frustrating. There is one where you’re not allowed to hit anything and make it first place. There are 20 cars and they kinda move in packs and the roads are not always wide, making this an unpleasant experience. Overall, it’s a game that’s still fun and worth playing but I wish the balance or challenge was better.

vividlope is kicking my ass but in a cute y2k bunny way.
it's probably fine playing casually. it's fun but challenging if you wanna "V" rank it (yes all good games are going to do that now). I think Pizza Tower was right to lock first time runners out of the second lap and P-ranking until beating the level. as for V-ranking, there's a lot of silly rank requirements for it. it can be hard to predict and plan for where the fruits appear, and there's no good indicator for unbroken chains. A lot of the challenge comes from the game speeding up as you do well, hazards hiding around corners, and enemies building up like crazy unless you picked up an item to deal with them. usually I give the level a few tries and develop a strategy for getting the first unbroken chain, then winging it from there lol
gameplay aside, there's a shit ton of effort in the aesthetic. I could see this being a cult classic from 20 years ago

Completed through the Phantasy Reverie Series collection.
While the first Klonoa game (or rather its remake, which the version on the Phantasy Reverie Series is built on) didn't really grab me in the way it has many other gamers, Klonoa 2 at least served as a bit of an improvement. It still wasn't anything that blew me away or left me wanting to come back for more, but it was a solid 2.5D platformer with enough small changes to be a good time.

I gave up on this months ago but just going to cement it now. Waited 5 years to get a so called "good foundation for the future of Sonic games." Fuck off. Totally inept experience that lost me right after the first island. Haven't felt so miserable playing something since I decided to replay Sonic Forces. What an absolute state this franchise is in. One of the very few times where I just do not "get" the praise. What the fuck is up with those god awful Cyberspace levels? Lifeless. I will never finish this.

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