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Dark Souls 1 but with immensely better boss design and less overall annoying levels. The only notable downgrade is the world wasn't as interconnected connected as DS1 but imo the improvements to the gameplay more than make up for it. I'm not kidding when I say that this is the best boss lineup in any game I've ever played. Even the absolute worst of the bunch are still kind of cool whereas every other boss is downright incredible. Everything from their challenging movesets to their phase changes or the often the EARGASMIC MUSIC makes every fight feel like the final fight. God damn this game is awesome.

while it is probably the worst performing game i've played in years (multiple freezes, constant fps drops up to 10 fps, runs worse than ocarina of time sometimes), there goes ds1 but made better

i just wish it had more weapon variety, because it technically HAS, but i never felt the need to change the saw cleaver, unlike in other games where i feel like if i don't change my current gear i'm gonna stay behind in stats and underperform. other than that (and frenzy but i'm still malding about it so i will NOT talk about it) this was a really fucking enjoyable experience.

absolutely wonderful game that i never knew about and i can't believe i didn't play this before 2022, everyone should play it

Luke is the best protagonist in gaming

EVERY Prince of Persia is "The Sands of Time" when you're playing on an emulator, baby!

Después de varios Castlevanias en 3D mediocres llega Curse of Darkness, que no solo continua la historia de uno de los mejores Castlevanias como lo es el 3, si no que marca un camino para los metroidvania en 3d. Juegazo muy recomendado.

This is the game that kicked off my love of survival games.

good fun on a rainy afternoon but i get most of my enjoyment out of using a cheat to make my car ultra fast and metallic which probably says a lot about my enjoyment for games lmao

Gostei demais da história. Mas jogos assim só me fazem passar raiva. Lily é melhor protagonista muda da história dos games!

I love the character designs and animation in this. Axel is my boy.

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