So much attention to detail on every inch of the game.
Cheese covered nostalgia everywhere.
PD: Soundtrack is mind blowing. Tee Lopez and Jonny Atma are involved, so its no surprise.

One of the most touching Zelda stories.
I never had the chance to play the original.
Thank you so much for remastering this beautiful game.

Luigi is the best.
I'm so happy that this saga keeps growing.

Beautiful game.
The soundtrack deserves a special mention, because it manages to transmit the sad, melancholic feelings of a kingdom that no longer exist, even still being there.
The story is nothing new 'cause games like Hollow Knight use the same motif, but despite of that Ender Lilies manages to get an identity of its own. Also, the hidden side stories add a lot to the main plot.
Gorgeous art style and animations, and stunning, somewhat nostalgic atmosphere and level design.
Wonderful game.

The first time I played this game I did it in the "Expert Spirit Guide" (or something) difficulty. Holy crap! Dark Souls was a kids game compared to this.
Amazing and gorgeous game, with a simple level design and great controllers. Just three things to notice:
1- Camera may get a little clunky in combats from time to time.
2- Don't expect anything from the main character story/past, 'cause there is none, at any point. Wasted opportunity.
3- Don't be a madman; play it at normal difficulty.

If there is a good beat'em up, there I'am.
This sh**t is gold.
I love it. And the OST is brutal!

I played it during a month and a half, and made every kind of relaxing things. Its just adorable.
I'm lucky to still keep watching the game as my partner loves it, and keeps playing even after six months.
Seeing how happy she is with this game is enough to give it 5 stars.

I need to replay this soon.
It's so stupid and fun.
I like it.

Hidden gem, maybe?
I don't know if this game is popular or not.
It was a feast. The art direction and the music makes you want to replay each level a lot of times. Very enjoyable from start to finish.
It's more like a relaxing experience than anything else. And so is how you must play it.

Fun gameplay, great levels, brutal difficulty, awesome atmosphere and beautiful pixel art backed by genius character and enemies designs.

Love classic games.
Love beat'em ups.
After being expecting this game's release for months, I managed to play it day one.
The graphics, gameplay and soundtrack are phenomenal! One of my favorites of the genre from the very first moment. WayForward made it again.
The original ending is just stupid but hey, they fixed it via a patch. So nothing to worry now.

I'm a Mario Kart fan, and I have no shame saying that this thing rocks.
Takes a while to get used to it, but is solid and fun. And pretty hard.

No, no, no.
Try again, Game Freak.
Banger OST and cool character/Pokémons design, though.

Expanded version of one of my favorite games of all time.
Nuff said.

I know the game is good, but not my type of fighting game.
Sorry guys.