One of my favorite games of all time, can't believe I didn't play this sooner.

im being honest I have no idea why this game has so many high ratings. It feels clunky as hell to play, the character creation is extremely limiting despite what they made it sound like. Pretty much the only good thing about this game to me are the graphics. Other than that, it's literally just a bad version of Divinity 2. Please go play Divinity: Original Sin 2. That game is a masterpiece and is much better than this

buggiest game ive ever played. many many gamebreaking bugs. people say it has gotten better from the numerous patches they've released but I'm writing this on january 18th 2023 and its still a buggy mess. Ive fallen through the roads multiple times, crashed, gamebreaking bugs like one where my character couldnt move or shoot and none of the sound effects besides the music would work. Im on all high settings and the framerate is great because my specs are pretty good, so the issue is not that my computer can't run it, its just extremely buggy.

its just overwatch 1 with a few tweaks and terrible server and loading issues. However the issue lies in its business plan.. Before, the game was pay to play, which was fine. 1 purchase to play the game forever, and you can earn lootboxes and cosmetics for free.... and they had their own in game currency that you could earn by playing 100% for free, but now that the game is free to play in an attempt to revive the game and boost player count, you have to pay for nearly every cosmetic in the game... lootboxes dont seem to exist anymore, you can only buy legendary skins with the paid currency, there is a paid battlepass, and you have to play hundreds of games to unlock the heroes..... and the PVE story mode thing isnt even out on release......

such good pixel art and addictive gameplay

its essentially an idle game but the gameplay is still good if you decide to manually play. Its playable free to play but boy does it get old quick

hes just useless ive gotten so far into the game and have no clue what he is even there for

Game is an absolute blast. Super fun and unique enemies and bosses. The graphics look really good with this remaster. Just a purely fun and challenging action/adventure game, no DLC, no microtransactions, no releasing half of the game at launch and half later, just an amazing game all around.

shit balancing and no move priority system so hits will randomly hit u even if yours should hit them, game gets boring really quick too, sorry WB

Super cool biblical inspirations. Awesome characters, amazing and fun combat, cool concept, great voice acting, outstanding music.

Absolutely amazing game but the graphics are really dated which is to be expected i mean the game came out 2 decades ago, but dont let the graphics stop you from playing the game, its just a nitpick

its been over a month since release and the game barely gets updated, no DLC characters revealed or released, so essentially by buying the season pass you get 2 skins :D. Online is extremely scuffed being very laggy, often in slow motion. There is no rollback and im not sure if there are any plans to add it. It is terribly optimized, someone can rage quit after a game is over before the game can even register your victory and you dont get the credit for the win. There is no story mode, just normal cpu battles with pre-set characters with no unique dialogue or cutscenes, literally just cpu battles. The only good thing about this game compared to the original is the upgraded roster. The characters themselves look really good here, and the voice acting is unmatched as usual. Though I dont understand how a remastered port of the original game from 2013 has pretty much no extra features. It is the same game with more characters. Compared to the original its okay, compared to other fighting games it is awful, and just looking at it from a fighting game fan standpoint it is just really disappointing. They make us wait so long for a steam port of the original and the online is absolutely terrible which is a shame because its essentially the only thing worth playing since there is no coherent story mode and im not going to play vs battles against friends for 10 hours. The game peaked at 7000 concurrent players on release and now doesn't even hit 1,000. And there is reason for that. 4/10 game.

Really fun driving sandbox, its actually enjoyable to play unlike ASSetto corsa

Crazy fun game with tons of replayability, the story is good, the music is great, combat is great, CAC character creation is decent but it was good for when it came out and there are thousands of moves you can learn for your character, and even more mods that add new characters and skills... The only downside is how expensive the DLCs can rack up to be but other than that amazing game.. I just want xenoverse 3