Very enjoyable, if very difficult. The light mechanic this game uses is unique but I feel like it's underutilized.

This game's always just been kinda meh to me. I've tried modding it but I've always preferred playing something like Gungeon more if I want to experience a bullet hell. Not a bad game, just kinda lackluster.

This game takes Titan Quest's formula and improves on it a lot. It is no longer a potion chugging simulator, and adds additional mechanics to combat, like the constellation system. Very enjoyable ARPG.

The thing that makes this game stand out from every other roguelike for me is how many different ways you can go about completing a level. Do you want to smoke out a room to get the object you need? Do you want to bribe the law to let you get away with breaking into a building scot-free? Do you want to coerce a gang of slum dwelling cronies to assist you in a genocidal rampage? The choice is all yours!

This game takes the formula of Risk of Rain 1 and masterfully makes it a 3D experience. This is the quality all sequels should have.

Decent 2D shooter. The sequel is way better but I like the final boss fight.

Meh. I thought the combat in this game was mediocre compared to 2016 and didn't really like how much more hands-on the story felt.

A stellar JRPG that I played so many years ago and still think about to this day. Octopath uses a lot of the battle mechanics from this game.

I really enjoyed this game and what it had to offer. I really liked how interchangeable everything was, from the classes to the subclasses to all the abilities. The character's stories wavered in quality, but I had fun with it.

Pretty good ARPG of the mid 2000s. It is a potion chugging simulator but I'm a sucker for historical fiction so I played a lot of this game.

Good game, if grindy. Haven't beaten it because it takes an exorbitant amount of time to do so.

I've played so much FATE in my life. I started with the original in like 2012 and I keep coming back to the series every now and then. This game does start you after the events of the first game, but it includes so much more content after that. Just a good dungeon crawler game if you're looking for something like that.

This review contains spoilers

Just an amazing game to play through. I really love the dichotomy of Kiryu and Majima, and how their stories begin to intertwine themselves throughout the game. Highly recommend playing this even if you don't want to play Kiwami or any of the others.


A great modern take on the old Doom formula. I liked this game a lot more than Eternal.
Rip and tear until it is done.

You can definitely tell this is an old Monster Hunter game, with how archaic some of the weapons feel to use. Still, the core of the series is there, and it boasts having more content than any other entry in the series. Good to check out if you want to see how the series more or less started.