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Sly 2 is a curious game, when you think about it. It’s a sequel to a traditional 3D platformer with missions instead of stages, semi-interactive world hubs instead of stage selection plazas, and a life bar instead of hit kills. The changes from the first game are almost uncanny. Sucker Punch decided that they wanted to make the Sly series something more than just a regular platformer, and they did it in an ambitious and unexpected way. They could’ve just stayed with the formula from the past game, as it already worked pretty well and had room for expansion on its own. But who would’ve expected that Sly 2 was bound to turn into a “story focused” 3D action-adventure game with bits of Immersive Sim?
With a new approach to the way things work, Sly 2 has much more to offer than just green bottles to waste hours collecting, and funny dialogues to laugh at. The story is more enjoyable than ever. The plot with its unexpected twists turning everything upside down, and charismatic villains stealing the scene with their memorable lines and great stage presence, grabs your attention, making you a hostage of the rich and fascinating world of Sly Cooper. And we can’t forget to talk about the gang! Honestly, you could make a game that is just a Suda51 inspired visual novel featuring them, and you can bet that I WOULD play it without thinking twice. The dynamic between the characters and how they make the heists come true with their strengths and quirks is fantastic. Each one of them had their personalities expanded, especially Murray, who is now an iconic juggernaut with a strong presence instead of a comic relief who is only there to make a team. They interact with each other organically, always with something interesting to say, sometimes even a joke for you to chuckle a bit. And you can play with all of them now! Nothing out of this world, but it’s a welcomed feature to make things fresh (although I’ll be honest, most of the time I just wanted to play with Sly). It’s hard to even tell which of the characters is the best, they all outshine each other from time to time, but I can say that Dimitri is definitely a highlight. He got the juice, you know.
And what about the gameplay? Well, it is less arcade-ish this time, and more interested in being a medium for the story to be told. It’s clear that Sucker Punch's focus was to make a more interactive experience, making the player feel more immersed in the game’s universe, instead of just playing the game for the sake of it. We also have some new skills for the characters, but they are more of an excuse to reward the players for collecting all the bottles of a world, than something actually useful. We have some exceptions, though, like Sly’s smoke bomb and Bentley’s trigger bombs. When talking about the new world system, most of the missions are fine, some of them drag a bit, some of them are iconic and amazing. I think it’s a justified change from the first game’s traditional stages. What captured my attention is that you can steal from enemies now! This is something that makes it more interesting to engage in a stealthy manner, as you're gonna try to pickpocket the guards for coins and goods. You use the money to buy new upgrades, but I honestly just did for the sake of completion, and also because it’s fun!
Overall, it's nice gameplay, but you can’t expect anything mind-blowing.
Sly 2 is a deserved classic. Some may call it a masterpiece, others may remember it fondly as their childhood game. Me? I think it’s a great game that deserves the praise it gets. Don’t think it’s a must-play for being an outstanding game that will crush your brain into tiny little pieces with its story or gameplay, but a must-play for being an important piece of video game art, and an enjoyable game to play a bit every day. That’s how I played, one hour or a half before work, wasting my time going after the bottles (I love them), or just progressing with the missions, enjoying each moment at its fullest. I turned out to become a fan of the series, as its aesthetics and characters captured my heart, giving me something to think and talk about in my spare time.
The Cooper Gang managed to be featured in another great game, now it’s your time to give it a shot if you haven’t already!
Oh, and your suit sucks.