I love this game so god dam much the characters are so loveable the story is fantastic the environments is mesmerising character designs are cool and interesting the only issue is that the tutorials are really bad but other than that 10-10 also don’t forget me

The launch was trash but had a huge comeback to bad it got cut in it’s prime for no reason

This review contains spoilers

I like this game but beating it blind is dumb because you have to find these secret keys to help with the mother demon otherwise it’s just really hard

Do yourself a favour and play this game nothing more needs to be said

Beep beep I’m a sheep I said beep beep I’m a sheep

Same as the other game but I feel like this one was more glitchy

I love this game the characters are really fun and story is great but the amount of frames are just absurd and getting through the game is really annoying because you have to do stuff in a specific way that isn’t explained or anything so you have to look up the order to do things but that’s about it

Absolute masterpiece only issue I have is the frames

God tier extremely fun and fresh with no issues

Really fun but the ufos got annoying

Really good but just barely not god tier mainly because of PEOPLE in the mechs not the mechs them selves