Really fun game, and really hard for me. Playing this on heroic was probably a mistake since it's my first ever FPS, but I had a lot of fun the whole time. There's a couple things that haven't aged well (the checkpoint system is so bad), the story is hilariously cheesy and impossible to take seriously, but I don't really care too much. Great game overall, and it's easy to see how it became so influential in the genre.

Mario goes into a world and has fun but also sees a lot of levels that aren't very fun but are optional but it's still going to decrease the rating a little bit

This game really isn't that good guys

One of the first video games ever made and its honestly decently fun with that taken into consideration. It's also surprisingly easy if you just use a little common sense (I made it to Oregon City on my first attempt)

It has some sick ideas and a pretty great soundtrack but the lag, movement speed, and ridiculous difficulty makes this game a chore to get through. At least it's a linear action-adventure platformer unlike Simon's Quest.

Very cool and artsy game that I really like

Extremely predatory and scummy game, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little fun




This game is so boring that I don't even want to really write anything about it. I seriously don't get the appeal. The copy abilities are fun and creative but the level design is so flat and the movement so slow that I found myself so tired of this game by the end. The only challenge came from me just holding right to try and get through the levels as fast as possible. Incredibly mid experience

This is a super creative game with a really good soundtrack, but it falters in the mechanics. The movement is super janky and inconsistent. It's also incredibly short and easy, even for a Game Boy game. The short length means it's hard not to recommend, I mean you can beat it in less than an hour so it's not like you're making a huge commitment. It's just not stellar or anything.

It has some cool ideas, but it took the gameplay and mechanics of the first Castlevania and translated them into a weird sort of open-world action-adventure RPG type game and it just doesn't work at all. You spend most of your time walking or grinding hearts. The game is also laughably easy, but I'm glad it was because I could get through it faster.