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You should build Communism — precisely because it's impossible.

I liked this game. But who doesn't love the AvP franchise. It's got all of the cool stuff you'd like. Overall, the campaign is pretty weak and seems to serve as a entry into the multiplayer (which from memory was awesome). In terms of campaigns it goes Marine >> Predator > Alien. The enemies and things to do weren't varied in any of the campaigns and mainly just consisted of go to x place and kill a selection of enemies. The real shame is that the predators don't really act as much of an enemy in either campaign and in the marine campaign you only fight one. Overall a solid game, probably wouldn't recommend anyone go out and buy it unless they're a fan of the franchise.

This is definitely not my preferred type of game. That being puzzle based horror games. Though i hesitate to call it a "horror" game in a genuine sense. It certainly has a great atmosphere that is creepy and scary at times but the "scares" are extremely high quality, utilizing sound to create tension. Some of the most fear inducing scenes where just being chased while a tense almost wailing noise plays, too scared to look back for fear my pursuer might catch me. Overall, the puzzle elements were pretty straightforward and frankly the weakest part of the game. the voice acting was excellent and i felt the story was strong although, not anything greatly impressive. It was the way it was told that bings it up a notch, piecing together bits of the history from the diary notes of the protagonist. The nature of the puzzle invovlved a lot of exploration which aided in making finding these notes easy so that you learn the story while playing the game. The small snippets that appeared during the loading scenes where very useful. Overall, solid game. I don't think i'd replay it though.