This is the most coherent game SWERY has every put out. I loved it. I'm not gonna talk about the story or anything just go in blind.

I got this for free with my purchase of Momir Basic 8 years ago. The UI is only slightly better than Shandalar.

My favourite Tax Evasion based game since "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud" back in 2018

Reminds me of LittleBigPlanet. I loved LittleBigPlanet.

A dudes in a line game about building the most broken team comp possible. Got 2 game modes, story and a pure roguelike. Don't really like the story mode that much as it permanently fills one of your party slots with a character that just isn't that good. The roguelike mode is fun though because it takes all the breaks off and gives you an hour to get as busted as you can before it throws you up against a tough as nails boss.

Pretty decent stealthy Commandos style game. Some UI problems in the second half of the game (white circles on snow) and lots of escort missions make the endgame not so fun.

There's some sort of true end secret I haven't figured out yet.

A fun little collection of flash games from Berzerk studios. Includes a couple that were never put online. I added this game to IGDB so I could review it here.

Looks amazing, sounds amazing, gameplay kinda janky sometimes. Jazz

This game died so fortnite could live. Live with your sins.

A fond game from my childhood that still holds up pretty well.

For the love of god just play the '97 version.

Unfortunately this game is overtaken by Gunfire in almost every way.

Amazing one button rhythm game. Good music, good visuals, good distraction mechanics, good story (of what's been added so far), good modding community. Looking forward to more.


Amazing short survival horror. Great aesthetics, spooky times and about a 6 hour playtime. It's a damn shame that this was the only game ULTRA ULTRA made.