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I'm glad they acknowledged the open mouth texture that went unused in the original game's files! Another great way to play this peak game.

I'm happy the developers read my review of the first game. Half a star for listening. Huge fan of Iroquois Pliskin.

The writers have to be on crack or something. Who comes up with this dog shit? Every 5 seconds the main character asks 40 questions. Metal Gear? Liquid? D.A.R.P.A Chief? Second floor basement? My game fucking sucks? Shut the hell up already

Defo has a unique charm, I got invested in the silly ass plot and characters. Only shame is Mikan's arc was pretty weak and the cases are hard to predict because random stuff will just kinda happen. Still fun to watch it unfold however

Though it's not awful by any means, I just don't think it has anything worth shilling out 10 bucks for.
edit: I accidentally left the game on for 7 hours I did not spend 13 hours playing this shit

Look I gotta come clean, this analog shit is somehow less functional than cool cool toon, but this game had me tearing up as early as the intro CG and kept delivering into the 2nd half, the struggle was worth it.
Love Is The Power!!!

Listen, is this game amazing? No. It's kind of okay. But the entire vibe and characters and concept kind of makes it unforgettable, like - I do think about it a lot. Also the music hits.

one of the most major artistic slam dunks ive witnessed yet in my short life. irons out every single unfortunate element of the question arcs, and has given me a story ill remember until the day i die. finally, a game to surpass toby fox's hit indie classic "undertale", in my estimation. i joke but the philosophy imparted in these answer arcs has noticably improved my life as of recent. im no longer scared to connect with people i felt i have severed the possibility to connect to. i wont push people away when i dont need to anymore. thank you, ryukishi07

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