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''the left offers us a society without a family that is to say they would deny us a hierarchical and patriarcal union between a man and a woman , but had they played clannad a strongly conservative game they would have surely turned away from a nihilistic form of satanic worship to a traditional reactionary christian monarchist.''

I don't understand how people can like it.
Yes, the atmosphere felt good when I first played, but the game was extremely boring from the very beginning. I'm not going to badmouth it here as it might be a personal thing, but simply, i don't like this and i dont think i can ever like.

It is a shame that Nintendo put so much work and passion into this, only to have the misfortune of releasing in the same year as Armored Core VI. Poor Zelda is going to be dashed across the rocks and scattered into the wind by the game of the fucking century.

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its slightly below average I guess
TW: rape, mutilation, violence, porn, bullying, table
honestly, subahibi in of itself should be a trigger warning
Again, please go read kakerasky's full review of DDLC, a game that I also hate and a game that shares many striking similarities with subahibi.
Wonderful Everyday: Down the Rabbit-Hole, or Subahibi as it is commonly referred to, is the single costliest game I have ever purchased. Not only is it 30 dollars, or the equivalent of four hours of minimum-wage work in the United States, but it also is responsible for the destruction of a 20 dollar logitech keyboard I bought from walmart, two chopsticks, and a ceramic mug. More importantly, it also was directly responsible for me accidentally breaking a small clay figurine I made in 1st grade, something so dear to my heart that when I moved to America from Japan I wrapped it in paper and stored it in the front pouch of my backpack. And that's not even counting the monetary costs of the four pills of my grandmother's high blood pressure medication I ate while playing this game, which looking back was a terrible idea both for my own health and my grandmother's, but was a choice I decided to pursue given just how much stress and anxiety this game was causing me.
Why? Well, it is garbage, trash, rubbish, and refuse. It is an extraordinarily banal work with zero artistic value, where philosophical depth extends down to the collective value of three litcharts summary pages and a sparknotes prep book, and where an underaged girl being raped or having her limb cut off is considered an acceptable subsitute for any sort of character development in the classical sense. Bullying is not character development, rape is not character development, gore is not character development, and fucking a table is not fucking character development. I am known for heavily emphasizing an unified creative vision. And, in a swiftian sense of irony, this game has one of the strongest creative visions I've ever seen. In that, I mean that it represents a creative vision of someone unfit to live in a civilized society, and Japanese prosecutors should probably take note. SCA-DI's creative vision is less of a vision and more of a blindness, a darkness that spreads across the whole novel, and a plague on the visual novel genre.
Given that this is a visual novel, it is only sensible to start off by critiquing the writing quality. After all, a visual novel with poor writing is automatically a poor visual novel. And in terms of subahibi, the writing quality is disgustingly awful, to the point where it is actually incredible how consistently terrible it is. It's unsensible, unstable, and unfocused purple prose that is astoundingly massive in its own sense of self-importance and lilliputian in its actual depth. In fact, I almost have a fleeting suspicion it was intentionally written to be bad, because there is almost no way a 50-hour work of fiction can be this goddamn bad for the entire fifty hours. Even David Cage games have their moments of midness, a break away from the dumpster bin, DDLC and euphoria have genuine emotional moments, and Banban is sometimes funny. Many of the 0.5 star games I rate are middlemarket mobile shovelware created for the sole reason of exploiting underaged Timmy and his mom's credit card, which makes them obviously bad games, but at least they have zero effort put into them. This game has effort put into it, is 30 fucking bucks, and yet somehow is consistently worse than all of the games that I listed above.
My favorite games overwhelmingly tend to skew towards the depressing and miserable, and I highly covet what I call the "beauty of misery" found in VNs like Fata Morgana, games like Pathologic, and books like Jude the Obscure. And I'm not someone who is averse to the weird and sometimes disgusting: I love books like Naked Lunch. Yet, unlike Novologic games or Thomas Hardy novels, the greatest misery I experienced from this game was my own misery in questioning the life choices that lead up to me buying, downloading, and playing this game. Indeed, this game holds the onerous distinction of being the first (and likely last) game where I purposefully wished that all the main characters would just die, not because they were written to attract a negative perception, but because I just wanted the game to end quicker.
I rarely come across games with zero redeeming qualities. Subahibi is the epitome of a game that fits that bill. Shock porn for the sake of shock porn, with zero emotional weight placed behind the situation and treated with an air of levity that does not suit the context. Actual porn for the sake of actual porn, inserted in the middle of the narrative with no cohesion or substance or even simply a purpose behind said porn, other than maybe to sell more copies by targeting a demographic completely at odds with the game's stated intent of creating a deeply interwoven psychological character drama tackling questions of fate, existence, confronting reality, and living happily. Purple and inelegant prose that creaks and stutters across the page with heavy-handed themes and uneven rhythms all masquerading as faux-philosophical depth. Incomprehensive and flat characters with negative development and even worse motivations, where erratic behaviors are justified as "oh, that's just how he is" and where the community is still to this day debating the merits of several character actions in the game, because they're written so vaguely and with so little depth that piecing together your own retelling of the events that happen unironically gives you a better narrative than the game's official explanation. An overarching plotline so confusing and muddy that it seems to completely detach and run away from itself multiple times in the first half alone, and let's not even get started about Jabberwocky 1 and 2 and the swiss cheese of plot holes they poke into the narrative fabric of the overall story. Even the music and the art, things that visual novels typically excel at, range from terrible at worst to painfully average at best.
Oh yeah, and the ending of "life is worth confronting, life is worth living, be happy" is such a copout, damn.
There is nothing in subahibi that has been explored, and explored better, in other games. If you want fetish eroge bordering on the insane, Nitroplus games gives you the same demented fap while also having beautiful narratives that makes you both cry and feel shameful for that nut you just had...at the same time. If you want vanilla eroge, Innocent Grey and Laplacian are two studios pumping out genre-bending and absurdly well-written visual novels that will change your perspective and worldview: in particular, both Cyanotype Daydream and the entire Flowers saga sit in my current top 5. And if you just want a good story to read in the company breakroom without getting weird looks from your colleagues and manager, there's Umineko, Fata Morgana, and a whole slew of quality visual novels to bide your lunch break with. Or, you know, you could play ten quality indie game in the time it takes to finish this "thing" (I shudder to call it an actual game), of whom at least eight would have far greater philosophical depth without having to namedrop whatever philosopher names SCA-DI found interesting in the five minutes of researching Wikipedia articles during the writing of this game, because clearly he didn't actually read any of Wittgenstein's works.
Unless you are in the very small category of people who has the exact same fetishes that SCA-DI apparently has, or you are in the very small category of people who want to sound pretentious on internet visual novel forums by quoting random philosophical quotes out of your ass without truly understanding what they mean (instead of reading the actual philosophical treatises they come from, which would take far less time than the 50 hours it takes to read this piece of shit disgrace to the Japanese language), there is simply no reason to play this game. Malware has more value on my desktop screen compared to this literary smallpox. SCA-DI is an absolute hack, and excuse me if you must, but I need to go play a good indie game to wash my eyes from this cancerous filth.
Damn it, I'm mad again. Fuck you SCA-DI, and fuck you subahibi, for making me this mad. Don't you realize how much high blood pressure medication costs these days?
Overall Rating: 0.5/5 (Stay Away At All Costs)
* I would give this a 0/5 if backloggd let me, for being the single most unpleasant experience in any medium I have had the misfortune of experiencing in recent memory.

one of the most depressing things i've ever seen. in videogames it takes less than a decade for an "auteur" to turn his fairly unique creation into the equivalent of a marvel movie.

Convinced the people who hate this game simply did not grow up with it. I did, though, so I love it. This is basically the video game version of me micro-dosing myself with poison until I build up a tolerance. The important thing is that I'm aware of what I'm doing and that makes it ok.
Look, I'm not going to pretend like F-Zero isn't the better game - I'm stupid but I'm not intentionally a contrarian - but I do think Super Mario Kart's Mode 7 holds up better than people give it credit for. I think it plays reasonably well for what it is and the time that it came out, tracks are readable enough that I never feel unsure about when to make a turn, and the general quaintness of its gimmicks and items makes it a lot less frustrating to play than later entries, where you get smacked repeatedly by items that I swear are designed to be the most annoying thing you've ever encountered in a game. And yeah, sure, maybe the reason I had such a great time with this when I last played it was because I drank enough NOS energy drink to give myself a chemical lobotomy before firing it up. So what?
But the way people talk about Super Mario Kart makes it sound almost torturous, the sort of game that would make a Cenobite blush with how sadistic and painful it is. Well guess what, I beat this thing and they showed up, and now I am experiencing the most exquisite agony and pleasure (getting hit by consecutive red shells in Vanilla Lake on 150cc.)

The story, graphics, characters and world are great. It had some problems on start if you haven't played it with some really good specs and PCI-E M.2 SSD, but I enjoyed it with minimum problems. Most sidequests are trash though. It's like "go and kill bandits on 50 different spots all accross the city and get nothing really good in return". There are some achievements, but that's it and completing this game on 100% is boring. They've added something later and you get some additional loot for completing a region, but it doesn't make gig gameplay much better. Bugs... well, I had couple, but nothing serious. Except the one I got after hitting 100% - every weapon in game stopped dealing damage at all. You could stand right in front of someone and shoot him in the face and it looked like a child's play where 2 guys shooting toy pistols shouting at each other. Took me 100 hours to make 100%, btw, but I don't like to hurry. Worth playing, but they have things to improve, so 7/10 is good for this game.

The very first Hitman game I've played. An improvement to the prequel as well as having its own dark monotone to the levels which I like.
Since it's easier to reach Silent Assassin rating in this compared to the previous games, it makes the game more enjoyable and functioning.

Games should never under any circumstance be allowed to release this broken. The game is great but I legitimately am getting motion sick from the stuttering and frame drops. DO NOT BUY UNTIL IT IS FIXED!!

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