Alright this game is peak. Its a culmination of every AC that came before with some strange souls boss influences that sometimes work sometimes feel like it tries too hard. But overall what a peak game. The gameplay feels extremely similar to AC4A with toned down speed more equivalent to oldgen. If you played this and still haven't played the other games I got no clue what you're doing.
Now that I establish at I love this game let's go into a few things I will critique. First off the music is quite whatever. Compared to previous armored core games the soundtrack in 6 never had that big wow track that makes you truly hyped for what you're doing, it feels like it holds back multiple times and I wish they'd have that remember track the game needed. Another thing is the story which I do love but it feels like it makes a few too many parallels to previous games. Also the story overall feels completely unfinished like it was purposely done for dlc. There's so many loose ends that still aren't finished and questions that lack answers. Anyway play this game is amazing.

Homeworld is so fucking good. This game is literally everything I want in a game and it came out over two decades ago. Its a phenomenal strategy game with an amazing story and fun missions. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal and the sound design is so damn good for the time. Everything about homeworld makes it one of the best RTS games ever plus the modding scene is really good and multiplayer is fun if you can find someone to play with you. The remasters are really good too so you might as well just get them!

I was really enjoying Yakuza till I played this, then I just lost all motivation to play any more of it and even lost motivation to play lost judgement after I'm sorry 😕

Thank you for Microsoft buying Bethesda! All that Microsoft money and Arkane talent (Pre Deathloop and Youngblood) is really showing!
Okay, let's be for real. This is awful. Inexcusably awful. Like, who pitched this game? Hey arkane, I know you guys made these great emergent modern imsims, but have you guys ever heard of far cry? I'm just confused about how this entire game was even greenlit. It's uninspired, boring, lame, generic and literally any negative term I could throw out applies to this fucking game. Just because it's on gamepass, too, doesn't make it okay.
This game is shit. I don't even care if arkane is shut down after this. Even if they made prey and dishonored. Its not the same arkane anymore. 3 shit games in a row. Wonderful.

Would it be funny if we sucked all the life from the original? This game feels like it was made by those channels that make those really bad "X UE5 concept" videos. Just play the original.

I adore Dishonored for many reasons, including the gameplay, the art design, the world building, and the characters. I just love dishonored for everything. Arkane made an amazing game here and I just wish they would make something unique and interesting like dishonored and prey instead of some boring open world shooter like redfall or a uninspired "just okay" game like deathloop which they without any thought threw in "guys it's in the dishonored universe".


I played this awhile ago, but I just kinda decided to review this now. I love Furi it's a fun game. The bosses are cool, and I like the difficulty progression through them. This is just a super gamey game, and I love it for that. It's simple, not too much story, but there is a vague plot for you to piece together and intemperate in your own way. It's fun for what it is and I recommend playing it. Plus the soundtrack and visuals are awesome.

Sorry. I just stopped playing this game because I could see past the really cool exterior and realised this was another boring indie 2D action platformer with obvious souls inspiration. I didn't like it very much.

Look out JRPG shills. I think Chrono trigger is just pretty good. I thought it was pretty cool. Idk what you want me to say.

I played this because I wanted something mech related and I absolutely shat on every lobby. This game is boring as fuck.

This game in a lot of ways could probably be compared to vampire the masquerade bloodlines but just slightly less enjoyable. They're both buggy as all hell and the gameplay of both isn't always very fun but VtMB is better for me just cause its a slightly more enjoyable game. Gothic is still cool though and I hope whatever this upcoming remake is can fix some of the glaring issues.

So this is where the Friday Night Funkin fandom went...

This game genuinely had me non stop laughing for story segments. Everything else was just boring as hell. Watch every cutscene or something it's genuinely so funny to watch.

Cyberpunk for chronically online people. Still a good game though!

Dark Souls for... I can't even crack some kinda joke I genuinely have 0 clue who thought to make this game. For 13 year old weebs who just finished SAO? Bandai already has the actual dark souls under their belt and I get it's a finished series (even if bandai already forced fromsoft to shit out 2 and 3) but damn is this game just boring ij everyway.