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Yeah, no. I tried to play this game twice but I just can't. Never in three decades of gaming have I experienced such an ugly and boring RPG. It's just a repulsive package all around.

✔ Superb cyberpunk aesthetics.
✔ Amazing atmosphere of the game.
✔ Splattering gore and ultra violence.
✔ Really intriguing protagonists Puppy / Her.
✔ Would love to see a sequel in a different genre.
✔ The darksynth tracks are haunting and great until...
✘ ...they are ruined by bizarre yells and ethnic drums - WTF?
✘ Very little enemy variety.
✘ Very difficult and repetitive.

From the bizarre mind of Yoko Taro comes a bizarre game about twisted versions of fairy tale heroines. The visuals are quite unique and the atmosphere aims to be creepy and disconcerting. Definitely unique but unfortunately the gameplay is weak and enemy types are few.

✔ Best open world game since The Witcher 3.
✔ Jaw-dropping art direction, visuals and epic music.
✔ Incredible atmosphere and total immersion in medieval Japan.
✔ Awesome protagonist goes from being a samurai to a ninja.
✔ Visceral, extremely satisfying combat.
✔ An exceptional, heart-breaking ending.
✘ Extremely repetitive gameplay: clear camp, save kidnapped villager, go there and kill more Mongols, etc.
✘ Not enough random event types.
✘ The side characters are forgettable and pretty unlikable.
✘ 90% of the main story is nothing special. Some twists are eye-rolling.
✘ No sexual content whatsoever.

✔ A spiritual successor to Dragon Age Origins.
✔ Enjoyable enough gameplay.
✓ Quite a long game. Easily 60 hours.
✘ Very dated mechanics.
✘ Both story and world are not that interesting.
✘ Bland, unappealing companions.

I'm really trying to like this game but man... it just doesn't do it for me. I was looking forward to the story the most, especially the relationship between Kratos and his son, but the game - in spite of being graphically fantastic - is such a bore. Combat is boring and unintuitive, bosses are a far cry from the original trilogy's behemoths, even the environments are really not that creative for scandinavian mythology. Really glad I only paid 20 bucks for this.

Very, very disappointed with this. It feels like a clunky alpha build and just isn't very fun. What they need is a casual / creative mode where you don't have to worry about hunger, thirst, etc. and you can build your own little island shelter away from civilization, fish, and enjoy a Robinson Crusoe fantasy. Not gonna happen obviously, should have saved my money.

I feel really torn on this review. It's an enjoyable remake for sure and I am having decent fun with it... but in this day and age, it's really hard to call it a "good" game. Every gameplay mechanic is incredibly dated and the story is boring and extremely forgettable. The game could have been so much better if time had been spent modernizing more that just the graphics and the combat. I wanted sidequests, minigames, more party interactions and an overall less static world ! The fighting on the other side is very enjoyable and easily the best part of the remake. That, and Angela's thighs. I really want her to sandwich my face with them.

Best season after the original. Enjoyed the story and characters, but I nearly rage-quitted on several occasions because of the AWFUL controls during the zombie swarm sequences. These nearly ruined the game for me. As a narrative experience, this final season deserves 4 stars. But as a GAME, this can be a very frustrating experience not worthy of more than 3 stars.

Poor adaptation of Gotham Knights aka The New Batman Adventures. Only finished once because I am a die-hard fan of the DCAU. I enjoyed exploring the 3D rendition of the world but the actual gameplay is shit. Even though the game benefits from the voices of the show's official cast (Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, etc.) and an all original plot, the whole thing is ruined by atrocious controls and a minimalistic soundtrack that results in mostly silent levels. Truly bizarre.

Unplayable, bugged to death piece of crapware. It will wreck my PC because it keeps on crashing randomly for no reason even when patched. Uninstalled!

On a conceptual and artistic level, TR is a triumph. Teyon has perfectly recreated the future depicted in T1 and T2. The design, visuals, audio and atmosphere feel incredibly authentic and make you feel like you are right in the films. That grand finale in particular was so epic it got me emotional. I felt goosebump as I was smashing through Skynet's defense grid with John Connor at my back ! The only flaws are the enemy AI and obvious budget limitations. In spite all of this, TR is by far the best Terminator game ever conceived. A love letter to T1 and T2 that provides a resolution for the fans of the first hour.

Adorable game aims to sensitize kids to nature and the impact of pollution on all ecosystems. Very bright, very colorful and addictive. My daughter is in love with it and so am I !


A forgotten, very underrated FPS with awesome levels, a cool plot and a memorable dominatrix baddie. The music is also great, especially the opening Freeport Bank theme and the epic Oilrig track.

First release of the game. Bare bone, few characters and backgrounds, shitty balance, uninspired music... This title taught me you should always wait several years for the final release of a Street Fighter game.