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One of the detriments of having unskippable 10 minute cutscene at the beginning of the game is that it makes starting over a slog and limit the child player from being able to enjoy their new 'toy'.
One of the positives of a 10 minute unskippable cutscene though is it makes it feel cinematic if you do a decent job of it. The turbulence private plane ride opener with peach, F.L.U.D.D. yapping about how horrible everything is, and Bowser tearing up with his bastard son makes it feel so unnecessarily cinematic it might as well be a movie for me.
Which it is, when people bring up the mario movie, this is all I'll think about and all I'll want to think about. Bless up F.L.U.D.D. I hope they are doing well. I miss the lil dude. They should stop dicking around and make a SM Sunshine 2 already.

Most replayable singleplayer game of all time. Possibly the best balance I've ever seen, the more you play the more you learn about cards that might seem bad on the surface. Over 400 hours and I'm still learning and improving.

Yall got the pokemon game you wanted and it didn't sell as well as the ones you hate so much. Please buy the better games when they release please

remember when they would have fun with the concept

This game would be pretty shit if it wasn't Pokémon.

I hate League of Legends but enjoy this and I'm not sure if this game is good or I just have Pokemon brainworms

I told myself I would never do this kind of shit

El puto gengar jungla tio que se pilla la cimitarra mercurial y dice que se va a follar a mi madre por el chat

The creation of MOBAs and their consequences have been a disaster for the human race. If I had any respect left for the pokemon company, releasing a shitty addiction machine like this sure got rid of it.

My friends hated this game and it's genuinely something about them that I'll never forgive and will probably not leave a flower on their grave if they die before I. I will however pray as I am a good friend.

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