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5= Masterpiece.
= Excellent. Only nit-picking reasons are holding it back from being a masterpiece in my eyes
4= Great game. A must play for any gamer.
= Very Good game. Highly recommended
3= Good game.
= Solid game.
2= Decent Experience. Lacking in areas that keep it from being solid but enough fun to keep it out of poor.
= Poor. Not outright bad. Lacking in several areas.
1= Bad game. While playable there is not much fun to be had. Or some fun but fundamentally flawed.
= Abysmal game. Avoid. Major Flaws. 0 Fun. Unplayable.
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A fresh take on Metroidvania with an awesome Hispanic theme. Juan’s journey to become a luchador, save his love, and save the world from an army of undead is a fairly short, sweet, and excellent time.
The love this game was made with is oozing out of every pixel. From the Hispanic influences, to the creative characters, to the clear love of video game it just pops everywhere. And when I say love for games I mean they put a parade of video game Easter eggs in the game. Just off the top of my head they had Final Fantasy, Mario, Metroid, Castle Crashers, Goat Simulator, Zelda, Castlevania, and Mega Man. I’m sure I’m missing some but the point is they have an obvious joy of the medium and it shows. That joy is contagious as I smiled every time I saw an easter egg.
The gameplay is fun and can be skilled based but doesn’t have to. You can beat this game easily without learning to use the moves to thier maximum value but if you take time to learn the combos you can become an ultimate luchador killing machine. I was impressed by the gameplay and had fun the entire way through the game.
The characters are fun as well as funny. From Juan, to the literal devil, to an old man that doubles as a goat, they are well written and a very good overall cast of characters.
I loved the Hispanic art and music throughout the game. It is so colorful even in the world of the dead and the music is surprisingly great throughout the entire game.
What I thought would be an ok game became an unforgettable Metroidvania that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys video games. Great game and excited for Guacmelee 2!
Here is where it landed on my Metroidvania list.

What a strange nice quick Metroidvania. A very basic 3-4 hour Metroidvania borrowing a lot from Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission. Most of the game you are a cat in a mech, yes you read that right, but occasionally you have to leave the comfort of your mech to reach certain areas. When this happens you cannot damage enemies and you are insta killed by anything the hits you. It reminds me a lot of the zero suit mission in Metroid Zero Mission.
The music is catchy enough to not get old but nothing stellar. The art is all simply in black and white. One of the main collectibles are palette cassettes. You can change the screen to look more like an old gameboy or virtual boy.
While the game is fun it isn’t without flaws. The game is extremely floaty. By the time you get use to it the game is over since it is so short. While nothing in this game is difficult there is a sizeable noticeable difference in difficulty from the boss fights and the rest of the game. Once you learn the patterns it isn’t to bad but its a noticeable difference for sure.
Overall it is a good solid game and isn’t a bad way to spend a few hours when you want to try a quick Metroidvania.

Game number 600 rated on Backloggd! My favorite franchise of all time absolutely killed it with their newest entry. Final Fantasy XVI has the epic characters and stories you expect from Final Fantasy, in a Game of Thrones world, with Devil May Cry like gameplay in battles. The story is bigger and darker than ever before. The characters are more developed than ever before. It was such an expierience that I will never forget.
I won’t get into the story at all to avoid spoilers but that is definitely the star of the show. The characters are unforgettable and loveable. The big three of Clive, Joshua, and Jill are some of my favorite in the entire series. Throw in amazing side characters like Dion, Gav, Mid, and many more, an elite villian like Ultima, and the series best iteration of Cid and you have an amazing cast of characters.
The Eikons (aka summons) steal a big spot light in the show and without question are the best iterations in the series. There are less Eikons than a lot of the other Final Fantasy’s but the quality is undeniable.
The gameplay goes a full 180 from the turn based gameplay Final Fantasy is known for and takes an action/Devil May Cry approach. It can get repetitive but if you use different Eikon abilities it will stay fresh enough. I always had fun battling. Especially in the boss fights. This was honestly my favorite boss fights in any game ever, not just of Final Fantasy but ever.
The only negative I will say is there are too many optional side quests with not enough substance. But some of the side quest are very good that expand the world and lore as well as building up characters and thier relationships.
I almost cried several times and the end game is amazing but will punch you in the face. The ending is ambiguous which I love. I could keep talking about the story, characters, world, and ending for hours but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.
This game is an absolute must play. Generationally good imo, As you can tell by my placement on my top 100 list here:
And my new Final Fantasy ranking here:
Also look out for some new lists. Now that I finished XVI I will be ranking my favorite series by different categories like best music, best story, and so on.