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Quake is a special game. There isn't a deep story or anything, but the gameplay is so well crafted that it instantly becomes hypnotic. One thing that is still impressive to this day is the level design. There are many shooters from the 90's that have confusing and frustrating mazes for levels, but Quake's levels are quite elegantly designed as long as you keep exploring, you will never get lost. It is also not too long; I beat it in two sessions, so if you've never played it, go for it.

That feeling when you're five levels deep, and you just realized you screwed yourself over with the build, so now you have to start over with a different character. Still very fun and atmospheric after all these years, but you'll probably be playing Diablo II for the rest of your life, and this one will remain a curiosity despite being a classic.

What I really respect about this one is how much it doesn't care for the rules of open world game design. You want a big map with 500 side quests and customizable everything? Piss off, we have an important story to tell and you're following it, so drive this F****ng car right now.