A little overpriced but a very good remaster of this incredible Wii Kirby game

Played it at launch for around 10ish hours and didnt like it.
I decided to go back and I did a full 180 on it. Incredible video game.

I am so happy that I finally have gotten to play through Metroid Prime on Nintendo Switch! My many years of waiting to check out this subseries of Metroid have finally paid off with one of Nintendo's best remasters ever! What an absolutely wonderful metroidvania. I totally see why people have hyped up this series for so many years. Now port 2 and 3!

After first trying to play this game 6 years ago, I finally beat it! I think it has a lot to do with the opening, but man this game picks up like crazy. Really enjoyed X a lot!

I know I have the unpopular opinion, but MAN I loved this game. I absolutely loved the cast and the changed to gameplay. I had a blast from start to finish. Might be my new favorite in the series!

An absolute classic that everyone should play. It was super fun replaying OoT on an original N64 since I’ve never played it this way before. Had a blast revisiting it :)

I loved revisiting this game 🥰 Twilight Princess holds such a special place in my heart. The dungeons are some of the best and this game has some of the most creative items. I ALSO LOVE MIDNA

Very solid remaster! Feel like the game didnt get good til the last couple hours tho

Technical issues be damned, I loved this game a lot. I have never been a fan of the series so I was shocked how much I loved every hour I put into this game. Easily my new favorite Pokemon game.

Awesome indie :) I honestly liked this game a lot. I really enjoyed the speedrun FPS gameplay and the characters were great. I actually went as far to 100% the game! Really highly recommend!

What an amazing game. It’s hard to say much without spoilers but man this game was just God of War 2018 on a much bigger scale. The new forms of combat are super fun. VAs were incredible here too. Plot was super good as well.

I loved this game. Is it flawless? Absolutely not. But man is this game insanely fun. The 2000's Sonic writing was awesome to see return, and the open world is amazing. I have a lot to say but for now:

I honestly have a lot to say. Gameplay is great as expected. Story is fucking insane. I can’t say much about it without spoiling it but man. Never did I anticipate that this would be the plot of Bayo 3 when it got announced 5 years ago.

I LOVED THIS GAME. This is my third time trying to play this game and this time it clicked and I really fell in love with the story and the gameplay. This game made me a RE and horror game fan. I am gonna play more soon.

I bought this game a very long time ago but strangely never played it from start to finish. Decided to change that and man I understand why people think this is one of the best 3D Sonic games.