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Covetous demon, this one’s for you
ds2 is good actually

Dante's backtracking sucks, enemies are built around Nero.

My favorite RTS campaign bar none, every few years or so I'll come back to it. Great mission design and gameplay aside, The Hyperion's ambiance never fails to charm.

Played all of this while tipsy, wouldn't have it any other way.

RuneScape 3 is a pretty funny game and my anime girl character got like 20m in handouts from like 3 different people
I wish the grind wasn't as insane as it is, sometimes you have to force yourself to find the fun instead of just... Having it. There's a lot to like tho

This is such a lovely game, there's nothing better than FM to stay on the background doing minimal work while you do other things and play advancing time.
The feeling of overachieving with a Low League Teamm is incredible, developing talents is also a terrific thing to do.

Lookes fun
was fun
just didnt grab my attention enough

I'm nowhere near smart enough to know what's going on but I do know how to spawn some planes and have exactly 40 seconds of fun as they immediately get shot down by my opponent - a retired Belarusian military officer who served during the Cold War and has first-hand experience operating this equipment in real life

I want my fucking internet back.

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