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Story is the least bad out of the sao games and I had way more fun with the gameplay than I probably should have, didn't get all that challenging until the dlc though.

Felt better playing this than when I did jerking off to Hanekawa

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Yeah I’m kinda hard right now

Best Zombie Co-op Game of our Generation!

Racing game of my childhood.
Brother played it again some months ago and it still felt great.
Many cars, all are pretty distinct from one another and some are VERY distinct making some very good and some pointless or just comic relief.
Cool tracks, not too many.
Power ups, not very BS. I could say there are some that have no counter play, but just drive fast and you should be good.
Real cute.
Play it if you can. If not, piracy is always an option, that is if your conscience can resist the sense of guilt. My brother did, so it should be fine.

Does anybody remember the UFO password?

A highly addictive game, in part thanks to the brilliant level design from Valve themselves and the big modding community.

El mejor juego cooperativo de la historia probablemente

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