Put blood gulch in the game. I just want blood gulch don't care about no warehouses but blood gulch in the game. Valhalla. whatever. No three lane. Blood gulch. Garden shmarden blood gulch.

I have NO CLUE why people go ape shit for this. It doesn't make any sense any which way you look at it. It's Farcry! Everybody fucking hates Farcry! People foam at the mouth at Farcry and assassin's creed but somehow, by changing nothing other than making the protagonist Link people consider it a masterpiece. Oh you know I never thought about it that way, maybe a massive empty map without any challenges is actually the pinnacle of game design. I mean, I can do ANYTHING! I can go to an objective in a straight line! I can kill boring enemies! With a sword! Or a bomb! I can talk to boring friends! I can carry 30 swords like a deck of cards! The possibilities! You're all CRAZY!!!

It is a waking nightmare to know that the style and irreverence of Arcane Kids is only ever going to be a thing of the past, and can never be recreated. Have fun clawing through "All New Releases" on steam for anything that matches Sonic Dreams Collection, a free "joke" game about sonic weirdos, by any metric.

God damn you Mandalore!!! *Couple years pass* God damn you Seth!!!! *less than a year passes* God damn you Oney!!!!!!! Fuck!!!!! Stop making videos about it! It's already dead! Let it rest in peace my god you animals!

I love this game. It's like a much more digestible Dominions, which I suppose in a way defeats the purpose of dominions but let's get real you can't always be in dominions mode. Sometimes you gotta take a break from involved tactical arithmetic by participating in slightly easier tactical arithmetic. Also what's the deal with the ants? If there's enough of them early then they'll take over the whole map because the enemy AI is is like suicidally negligent when it comes to pest control. What's up with that? You know? What's the a-a-a-a-ah deal?

I really didn't expect to have nearly as much fun as I did with this.

Scott, a devout christian, has taken the life of a flagellant and bricked himself into the Freddy mines. God bless him.
Seriously though this is likely the best game I've ever seen aesthetically. Stunningly beautiful.

I beat level five with a cowboy gun I'm gonna cum

I will never find a game that will let me fiddle with the optimization of peoples backpacks as much as this one, and please for the love of Pete install the v1.13 mod.

Best thing to come out of Blendo Games. Funniest one too.

kind of fucked up there's only one horror sub game