Silent Hill 2 is a game that I've wanted to play for a long time. Everybody on the internet calls it one of the best horror games of all time and one of the greatest games, period. So, I found a way to play it, and I can agree with the majority in saying that SH2 is a beautiful work of art.

The setting is eerie and filled with morbid creatures around every corner; whether you find yourself in the open streets of Silent Hill or the claustrophobic and rusted hallways of the prison, each location feels fresh and doesn't overstay its welcome.

The story is also incredible. It's similar to a rabbit hole due to the various twists and turns that our protagonist has to endure. James Sunderland is an ordinary man looking for his deceased wife, who calls him to the town of Silent Hill. It's one of those stories that leaves you thinking about what you just witnessed. Without spoiling it, the ending and the events leading up to it will leave you rethinking the entire adventure.

In addition to it's beautiful yet eerie soundtrack, Silent Hill 2 is a landmark in video game history. There's a reason why everyone loves it, and now I know why. It's one of many games that I would call perfect, as it takes every single element to craft an unforgettable experience.


Reviewed on Oct 16, 2020