The game that I wanted Legends 1 to be! There are some VERY unfair zenny grinds that are unfortunately necessary to not be miserable in dungeons. I can absolutely forgive it. The opening scene alone is worth every penny!

There's really no game like this: the aesthetic, voices, and humor are all great, and the varied gameplay keeps things fresh throughout the game.
Navigating the ship's menus wasn't easy, and there are many aspects of the Servbot system that are arbitrarily complicated or are unneeded for the challenges the game provides. Still, this is one game I'll gladly vouch for!

This review contains spoilers

So much better than I expected. While the reaction commands might seem bare-bones compared to later Mario titles, it's still a blast.
The game just oozes '90s Square Soft charm! Mario's cutscenes, Bower's dialogue, and the music are all standouts.Smithy's villains are pretty mid, but the endgame areas and themes are unsettling in the coolest way. In a wholesome world of wishes, the desire to fill that world with weapons feels absolutely sacrilegious. It was so clever to emphasize that dichotomy... Such a great game!

Very cute! The tension that enemy ghosts give as you suck them in is very satisfying.
Dated controls, a bit too short. The power ups weren't very impactful, and the progression was more-or-less exactly tied to finding keys. I also wish Luigi's fear played up more than just his expressions -- maybe if he sprinted out of control at moments or had more cutscenes to emphasize it? (The humming he does is fantastic though!)

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I want to be so smug, to berate the game for the horrendous and borderline unforgivable performance issues that shipped in the most profitable franchise in the world's marquis game. The lack of voice acting is equally jarring, and I wish that the various routes weren't level-gated to be truly open.
But... Area Zero was surprisingly GREAT! Like... really, really great. And the new Pokemon and evolutions are pretty cool. It really is a fun game. Let's hope Gamefreak heard the backlash and gives their development cycle more time to really give these games a fair shake.

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An invigorating return to form! While I normally don't love collect-a-thons, Frontiers does it right: it's full of rewarding ventures around every nook and cranny. It's such a blast blasting through massive landscapes at top speed. The bosses are memorably epic. Ian Flynn is top-notch: I love the final boss's characterization. I can't wait to see what Sonic Team cooks up next!

This review contains spoilers

Frustrating at times and outdated in certain aspects, the many standout moments trump any ill feelings. The Deku Tree's passing, Zelda's escape from Hyrule Castle, Ganondorf onthe organ, and... the finale... Wow! The payoff is there and so much more.

Short but enjoyable, a very different kind of Mega Man game. I love the personality squeezed into every cutscene. The entire time I was wondering when our airship would depart for other lands. Kattelox Island does have its moments though, and while the gameplay is rigid (it predates analog PS1 controls), it's a fun time.

There were some really great moments, and the scenario was both strong and intriguing, though it does overstay its welcome a pinch. I wish the brutal difficulty could be toned down ever so slightly, as the long length is made even longer by the necessity of grinding.

Possibly the definitive Pokemon experience. Black and White come close, but it's hard to put a price on how refreshing the Alola region is and the excitement of the first ever regional variants.
And my boy GUZMA!!

Proof that a simple concept can go the distance! V6 is all the more impressive for it.

An absolute gem from start to finish.
I'm grateful to have played Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 before playing, and if you are reading this -- Try your best to do the same! MGS3 provides the first two games in the series as a bonus, so start there first for the story of Solid Snake.

A great game for its intended audience. Colorful, witty, charming. I'm letting my bias show here, but I loved this series as a kid.

What this fan group accomplished is downright jaw-dropping. Faithful to the original but ambitious with new ideas, Triple Trouble really feels like a lost Genesis game that was recently discovered. Sega, get on this!!

Why are there fart jokes....... Why are there fart jokes? : (