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If Shovel Knight didn't exist I'd tell you that this was the best NES game ever made.

Solid, charming game. Unfortunately runs like crap, at least on a regular PS4.

The first half of this game is extremely strong. It's just a shame that the back half doesn't quite live up to it.

Camera's kinda fucky, but it's okay.

As of 2020, some cracks have started to show with DMC3. The fixed camera angles really are rough, and I have to admit the game really started to drag for a while there as I neared the end of my time in the tower. None of that changes the fact that this is when the genre came into its own. The combat feels great. The difficulty and upgrade/item economy is tightly and neatly tuned. The series ludicrous personality is turned up to eleven. Bosses for the most part are great, with the final boss being one of the greatest in gaming. DMC3 is a gem and deserves all its praise.


Dusk is Doom, and that is a big compliment.

I understand nothing about this game. Level design is both baffling and infuriating. Encounter design makes absolutely no sense. Any personality that exists elsewhere in the series has been sucked completely dry, and basic gameplay is a huge step down from DMC1. It's interesting to play it for like, an hour just for research purposes, but never for fun.

The level design in this is maddening.


If you're looking for a fast, tense, boss-rush game, here you go. You're all set. Everything in Furi is focused on delivering that experience, and it does it well. The art style and music are dope too. If you're a fan of things like Cuphead and haven't played this yet, do yourself a favor and free up a few hours for this.

I'm a little iffy on the huge leap in difficulty between normal enemies and armored ones, but there's so much to like here. The story is intentionally ridiculous in a good way, and will likely get you a lot more invested in the characters than you were expecting. It's just a fun, cool, rollercoaster ride.

Both the humor and the drama seem to work better here than in the other Future games. Flying around the galaxy map and exploring the moons works pretty well for side content, but if the game were much longer it would probably get old fast. Good set of guns.

Playing this has been... fascinating. As most people will tell you, it's worth checking out for the art direction alone, and overall I had a good time with it, but wow is there ever room for improvement. In so many ways Okami is the inverse of Twilight Princess. You control a wolf for the entire game, whereas Wolf Link felt like an afterthought. Dungeons which are the highlight of Twilight Princess feel as though they barely exist here. Conversely the overworld, which is probably the worst part of Twilight Princess is done much better in Okami.

The choice of source material makes for a unique experience and the characters are full of personality which is a plus, but it's a shame that most of the dialogue in the game goes to its worst character. Issun is nearly as bad as Fi in Skyward Sword when it comes to incessant pace-breaking chatter, and the text speed in any scene that doesn't let you skip dialogue absolutely does not help. The game has a horrible habit of injecting tiny and unnecessary cutscenes with outrageous frequency, and most of it is accompanied with some inane comment from Issun. His personality also does him no favors. Issun's constant lechery toward nearly every female NPC in the game doesn't just get old, it was born old. I have no doubt that some of my distaste for the character's single "joke" comes from playing the game as an American in 2020 where such bullshit stopped being endearing many years ago. Other recurring characters are solid, with a few surprisingly effective emotional scenes created with them here and there despite very little screen time.

Combat is serviceable, but nothing noteworthy. The fact that it is always confined to a special arena is somewhat disappointing, as is the difficulty. Exploration rewards the player with piles and piles of consumable items to restore health, do more damage, etc, but they feel completely unnecessary. It's unfortunate when the rewards that any game gives you don't actually feel rewarding. For the vast majority of the game I had bountiful piles of money and nothing worthwhile to spend it on since my stores of consumables were already overflowing and I didn't see myself using them any time soon.

I enjoyed my visit well enough, but I don't expect to be back.

Story mode's a pretty good time. Honestly I just can't get behind the basics of how this plays. Something about it feels stiff and restrictive to me compared to other fighting games.

I've always thought that the Dead or Alive thing of throwing somebody off a cliff or through a wall and having the fight continue on another part of the stage was sick.

My god this is just... it's horrible. It's grindy and battles are extremely tedious and shallow. Everything that's not a basic melee attack is essentially a summon, complete with 5 hour long animation that can't be skipped. Speaking as a hardcore lunatic Digimon fan, this is not worth your time, even if you're as fanatical as me.