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Jun 03

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
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Jun 02

Kyoei Toshi
Kyoei Toshi

Jun 02

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As an overall fighting game package, Capcom's most concerted effort in forever and a bit, even if it does come with all the usual bullshit Capcom-isms to try and pry every last penny out of you. They've clearly put a ton of work into making this accessible to new players, to ensuring that there's plenty of content on offer across single- and multiplayer modes, and to making the online experience as smooth as possible for casual and competitive players. And hey, they even moved the characters' stories on beyond their status quo! Imagine if KOF did that! There's something for everyone, and despite the embarrassment of having the first thing you see be the game shilling Chipotle at you, as a new fighting game launch it's miles above the disastrous day one of SFV.
On that front, good. For me personally though, I don't really like how this game looks, the music might as well not be there (and they know it, which is why they're charging you for the actual good stuff), the roster is extremely weak and from what I've experienced so far as a competitive game I don't think it has the juice - I won't be surprised if people are as sick of it as they were SFV within a year. So, you know, as someone who only really engages with fighting games competitively that's not great for me, but the amount of stuff they give casual players to do is actually pretty enticing and means it's not really as hard a hit as I was expecting. I don't mind as much, because while I'm waiting on the next attempt I can make my dumb avatar and run around kicking passersby in the back of the head and unlock all the cool art and play SonSon and So onSo on. I don't like Street Fighter 6, but I kind of do!
Also had no idea Luke's thing was being a gamer bro PMC guy. Gotta be the most putrid fighting game character ever, and that's counting the paedo in Karnov's

Hmm. That's one doomed space marine.
Kind of not good! I think the Epic Throwback Shooter stuff is mostly just affectation. Very little about how you progress through this is going to remind you of Doom, or at least not the original. Honestly, even the Brutal Doom inspiration feels quite superficial. Feels like someone lightbulbed "Warhammer + 90s shooter" and didn't think much substance was needed beyond that. Go play Ion Fury.

As close to a Simple Series game as you can get whilst having some money behind you (this is not necessarily a slight). Woeful camera and pretty thin even for a game only a couple of hours long, but the basic gameplay and general aesthetic will stir long-dormant feelings in the heart of anyone who ever played GunZ: The Duel. Good music!