Unironically a totally fine 3D action-adventure collectathon. Simple but fun platforming mixed with a surprisingly compelling "purifying" mechanic and the occasional clumsy combat encounter. This felt more engaging to me than last year's The Gunk which had very similar game design and mechanics, maybe due to the more vibrant color palette. The narrative is whatever, I enabled the French voices so that the smurfs' chatter wouldn't be so annoying. But more likely than not, most people aren't playing this for a gripping story but rather the throwback 3D-platformer gameplay it offers.
The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf - which I kept reading as "Vile-as-fuck" in my head - really is a solid, smaller budget title that wears its influences quite proudly on its sleeve. If you've already depleted the limited supply of major modern 3D action-adventure platformers and you've been mildly intrigued by this one just do as I did and give it a chance, it's a fun enough one of those. It's nice to see that these more recent licensed games aimed at younger audiences aren't all complete duds. The Marsupilami platformer from the same publisher is also worth checking out, here's my review on it.

Reviewed on Aug 11, 2022