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Pretty enjoyable shitpost of a game. Gameplay wise, it's pretty mediocre.

Glad I finally got to play this one after years of the internet hyping it. Really fun and charming game with some very good level and character design. I still prefer Mario 64 over it, but B-K felt more polished and the Collect-a-thon aproach rarely felt overused. The game has only 9 levels, but they all have the right amount of size, and most of them are great, with Gobi's Valley probably being my favorite.
Not a big fan of the last part of the hub world, and Rusty Bucket Bay kinda sucks as a level, due to how dull and frustrating navigating trough the water is. The final cutscene is fun, and the Gruntilda Boss Battle is surprisingly hard in comparison to everything else, but it felt rewarding to defeat her without save states.
I enjoyed this game a lot despite it failing to achieve the level of praise millennials give to it (like Ocarina of Time).

The majority of times I heard about Ocarina of Time before actually playing it, was alongside the common conception that this was one of the best video games of all time. After playing and finishing it, i can safely say that I don't agree with this title, and I think it's fairly ridiculous. In terms of being revolutionary, Zelda OoT definitely is, but that dosen't equal perfection, and this game, as you would expect for a 25 year old 3D game on the N64, hasn't aged the best, making some of it's flaws even more apparent.
The graphics (mainly skyboxes and walls), the camera, and especially the aiming have aged pretty poorly, it's clunky, and it was pratically begging for a 3D Remake until 2011. My other complaints are minimal, but it essentially boils down to a couple of cryptic items(some important, others not), a mediocre magic roster, some annoying text boxes, etc...
BUT, despite all of it's flaws, and despite not even being the best Zelda title, I really enjoyed my time with this overrated game. Ocarina of Time is a really fun, well-told story, with likeable characters, good progression and exploration system, good level design and a great ambience that stood the test of time by the phenomenal score. The music in this game is fantastic and it highlights the dungeons, which are mostly really great. The combat is straightfoward and the bosses and enemies are good (nothing too outstanding tho). The map is small and sometimes empty, but for a first attempt at this type of format, I think it really succeeded and everything felt essential to the exploration. The three mini dungeons are also really cool, and the use of the ocarina itself and the time travel was very creative. Back on the bosses, I can't say that I disliked a single one, but it relied more on presentation than gameplay, which is why the third boss was so weak, and Ganon was cool despite being easy.
Anyhow, great game that was dragged down by years of evolution in the industry.