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Haces una secuela que ignora la precuela y reinicia todo el universo, pues ok, whatever. Una pena que en 5 años de desarrollo no se esmeran nada en contar bien una historia decente, porque quitando BotW el resto de juegos han tenido buena narrativa. El éxito de Switch y BotW han hecho que salga esto, que de no haber existido la precuela, como casi parece que hubieran querido los desarrolladores, habría sido un juego mejor recibido de mi parte. Pero tal cual sólo se suma a los lanzamientos de Nintendo en los que van a seguro porque Switch vende. No es casualidad que los juegos más arriesgados y memorables sean en consolas o fechas donde la compañía no sabía si saldría viva (finales de 64, GameCube).

slowly but surely starting to dig at my ps3 collection the reason I stopped before was actually on this game because I didn't have an original ps3 control anymore and 3rd party controls are so bad for first-person shooters also if a game demands you use the Sixaxis functionality but a few months i caved and bought a used Sixaxis controller ps3 control both Sixaxis and DualShock 3 are getting prohibitively expensive imo especially the latter
as for this game, it was ok but I dont miss this type of fps I did eventually get in the Grove of it and enjoyed my time some of the guns are fun but idk there's a reason none of these ps3 exclusive fps got to the status of halo
also i really really really do not miss health bars being this small

Was initially worried this was a little redundant after Village and questioned if 4 really needed an update. Ultimately I found this a great time. The combat (once I got a handle on the melee mechanics) is consistently tense and tangible, with the chaotic shifting from crowd control to one-on-one parrying. I loved the almost immersive-sim interactions between enemies causing emergent chaos.
I cared little about the narrative changes as I literally played the PS2 release, so all is a foggy memory, but from what I could recall, I was consistently surprised by moments rearranged, recontextualised. Yes, the island is serviceable compared to the village/castle, but I enjoyed the grungy interiors and the big-boi regenerador sequence. Of all the boss changes, Krauser was a big standout, a metal-gear tier fight.
A few changes I was less happy with (most are hangovers from the recent REmakes): the lack of laser targeting for all weapons, the change from the semi-detached aiming system & less variety of interactive objects u could shoot. RE4 felt so revolutionary as a horror/shooter at the time due to how the gun felt like a tactile tool, taking out doors, knees & plucking weapons from the air. Much of this is still here, but a little stripped down (tho with some new additions, including rampaging farm animals).
Where does Resi go now? Village and R4MAKE have converged, and hopefully they don’t just fall back down into the slump of 5 & 6 (though 5 remake is inevitable lol) Hopefully a complete rebirth like 7 is on the cards. Capcom pls.

This game is great, don't get me wrong, but the abundance of content everywhere (and ones that are quite repetitive) bring the greatest moments of this game down. I loved the depths but I loathed how empty it was, empty as in copy pasted content all over. The story was surprisingly very good and had me hooked all the way to the end, I especially liked the last boss fight when it was a one-on-one. But for me, Breath of the Wild will still be the better game from this series; even though it may feel like an early access game after playing this one, TOTK takes content too far and fills the world with too many activities (most of which I did not want to partake in).

Final Fantasy XV is a gorgeous mess. It manages to be an enjoyable game despite itself. It is extremely obvious that FFXV languished in development hell. The story content feels totally unfinished and deeply awkward. Combat is... adequate, but feels half baked. The ending, while emotionally effective, left me frustrated and angry. I felt cheated by it, and even if that was the intention, it wasn't a good experience. In the interest of fairness, I will say that my interpretation of numerous details of said ending was far, FAR more grim than what is apparently canonically intended. All that aside... I can't possibly deny the special memories I have of running around this world with The Boys(tm). I remember running down highways in the dark on Chocobo-back and being utterly at peace. I remember the breathtaking vistas and how attached I became to my little boy band. Those things make the game worth playing. I haven't played with the DLC, but I assume it successfully makes the story feel like less of a hack job.

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