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Masterpiece in every single way.
The first time I played it it was until Madarame's Palace. Then Recently bought a nintendo switch, and damn I could finally finish this game. There was plenty of days and weeks where I would be playing 3 hours a day (when I intended 1 hour lmao)
The game is just perfect, soundtrack is perfect, characters are just wholesome and nice, I felt connected with many of them.
Personally I would suggest this game to many people interested in the persona series, the issue is that probably this game is setting the standard too high, and it might cause people to only play persona 5, and never touch every other persona title.
Futaba's palace was good, Okumura's was difficult, but compared to the normal p5 version, it was a breeze. The Extra storyline of royal is just really freaking nice, and I would suggest to as the game says: "take your time".
It's that type of videogames that deserve love and patience when playing, take your time with it, fall in love with everyone.
An overall enjoy the best videogame about going to school.

It's a really cute experience, there were plenty of times where I was rage quitting, mostly due to the hard gameplay, but it's the type of narrative that makes you smile at the end of the game. I died 1917 times lol. But it was fun ngl. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to explore a narrative based on doing something difficult, and fighting against your self own doubt and your dark voices who tell u to stop. Really cute

It was good, ngl. The only 2 issues that I had with it, it was the fact that I played the first 4 chapters in one take, and then I lost all progress cuz the game didn't saved what I did. And that cuz it's a bit old in terms of quality of life, the checkpoints were really bad. Besides that the gameplay feels smooth once you get used to it. and the overall story might be a bit meh, but it's good, and it's that type of game that u should play at least once in your life. It was in my backlog, but now I manage to finish it for the first time in my life.


This is the first time that I felt okay by playing an underwater game, I tend to be truly scared of the water and the sea creatures, but this cute and nice game, with really great music, made me feel peace, excitement, sadness and overall joyful emotions. I would recommend it to be played at least once, just for the experience, really cute

Really good Star Wars experience, I love the story, it's really entertaining.
Gameplays wise it can be repetitive, the maps are very well design, plenty of times I felt like the map design allow to a very natural and lineal following of the story and overall game.
Really good experience if you love star wars.

Back in the day, it felt like that type of games that sounded so fun, and interesting. Maybe due to me being a fan of pewdiepie back in the day.
But the overall lack of actual good game design, it makes it difficult to enjoy this game fully. Most of the puzzles where weird and sometimes didn't make any sense, and now it feels just down right bad. Wouldn't recommend to play it nowadays. maybe only play it if it is in your backlog (like me)

This review contains spoilers

What can I say? this game is pretty good when it comes to some new systems like the nemesis system. The battle is like the arkham series, and overall is enjoyable to kill orcs.
At the beginning I felt a bit bored about the combat and movement, and this is my second replay, with the focus of finishing the game, ngl, I fairly enjoyed it.
But the truth is that the first big boss of the main story felt fun to play against. But it's shitty how the last 2 bosses were over underwhelming. the last boss, it's literally quick time events. kinda shitty. the story is good enough for a game that is not canon to lord of the rings. But overall, I would recommend playing it at least once in your life.

Cool game, but not my style of game, nonetheless wanted to give it a try.

Still a Masterpiece, that type of games that are worth playing at least once in your lifetime, to read passports and papers, and have a lot of fun on it.

I never played this game before, and not going to lie, if we take out the feeling of being a bit repetitive on the mission design and mostly due to the old school design. It's a game that is worth playing once in your life and finish it.

This review contains spoilers

Really enjoyable game.
The gameplay mechanics of swinging around nyc are amazing. Graphically is a fantastic game remastered to use the juice of the PS5 and PC. Not going to lie, the story is really good.
But the parts where you're Miles or MJ, are the parts that I wanted to skip fast. The puzzles were a MEH add up, but overall not a deal breaker.
This is the type of game that any spiderman fan would love and enjoy, such a magnificent gameplay and technology behind the swinging around, and I can't wait to play the next entry of this game.
(this is my first time playing this game, I didn't have a ps4 back in the day, so it's great to see that finally we can have this massive and good games in this platform)

It's an interesting game, mostly a walking simulator, gameplay wise is kinda boring, story telling is good tho, I would only play it once, but it's an interesting game that its not bad to tackle if you want to finish a quick indie storytelling game.

Boring, in my opinion it has its things, but tend to be very boring, and the characters are mostly comedic, the overall parkour system it's a butcher version of unity's parkour, so it's very sad imo. The overall story and systems are repetitive, even more that I'm used to in the Assassin's creed saga lmao.

This is without a doubt, one of those games that you want to play one day, and due to the lack of your own personal time it takes you months till you're able to finish it. Today is that day when I manage to finish this big ass 48 hour game about cowboys, dead and redemption. It's that type of game that is heavily keen on good storytelling, a big ass focus on detail, and it changes your perspective in how to play games. It makes you have more patience, and it makes you have a new acquired cowboy accent at the end of the run.