This game leans too heavily on the fact that its mere existence is a joke stemming from the (amazing) Hypnospace Outlaw universe. The novelty/charm wears off relatively quickly, and you're left with a mediocre shooter with interesting music and art.

This game really holds up 10 years later, and seems more relevant than ever. There's a good amount of new content, but if you own the original, I'd suggest waiting for a sale.

The art style, sound design and music are all amazing. The controls feel great. The level design is fun and interesting.
Everything is good. Please play this!

Game opens with an extremely heavy-handed "capitalism bad!!! contracts and labor!!!" cutscene. The writing seems targeted at the 8-12 year old demographic. Gameplay seems to be exactly the same as borderlands. Talk to person, blindly walk to waypoint, shoot guys, hold E to 'loot all', repeat with some laughably terrible "moral choices". The intro is really not promising at all. And I can't say if it gets better from there, because the game freezes at the weapon repair tutorial any time I open my inventory. 0/10 so far, might try again some day. I'd refund it if I hadn't gotten it for free.

Very disappointed in this one.
I expected more from the core gameplay loop. The dome shooting segments aren't particularly engaging, and the underground mining is extremely boring and monotonous. There's literally nothing to do down there except move into blocks to break them and haul rocks up to the surface.

My main problem with this game so far is that it gets annoying trying to micro-manage everything if you have specific goals. I haven't tried the automation features yet, but I'm hoping they'll make the game more enjoyable.

A very interesting version of tetris. The crazy visuals can be distracting, and might not appeal to some people, but I kind of like it. Lots of different modes and online multiplayer.

Another puzzle game that seems simple at first, but grows into something impossible and Evil

A simple, but fun and challenging puzzle game. Much harder than it looks.

Kind of disappointed in this one. The general feel of the gunplay is just not great. In order to preserve ammo (and get more ammo), you basically have to execute every enemy you see with melee. It feels like I'm constantly focused on switching to a new weapon type that will replenish ammo for another weapon that I need to use to replenish ammo for the weapon I actually want to use... ad infinitum. Execute literally every enemy with melee because melee kills reward ammo. I'd rather just SHOOT GUN if you know what I'm sayin'. There are a laughably huge number of progression systems and trees.
The game just feels tedious.

I want more games like this.

It feels weird for me to rate this game so highly, because the actual RPG mechanics and combat are pretty bad. Thankfully, the game is pretty light on combat compared to, say, Baldur's Gate. If you can stomach the clunky combat system, there's a ton of great storytelling and old school CRPG charm to find here.
Definitely check this one out if you enjoy interesting settings and worldbuilding, as Sigil is one of the most unique settings in the D&D multiverse.

The gameplay itself is really fun and chaotic. There really needs to be more variation in items and levels, because I feel like I always end up with the same build and it works every time. I think I lost 2-3 time, and then proceded to win 5 runs in a row after figuring out a build that works.
Overall a small and fun experimental game. Worth checking out.

Very cool for a game that is free and developed by students. The shiny pieces and level editor add a ton of variation and replayability.
Lots of fun if you don't think too hard about balance or game design.

This isn't a bad game, but it's not a very interesting one. The humor is very hit/miss and full of a lot of meme references and fourth wall breaks. The tax evasion/document ripping joke is kind of funny but it feels played out even after the first ~10 minutes of the game. The game itself is an extremely pale imitation of a 2D zelda game. It superficially resembles a zelda game, but there aren't many original gameplay ideas or interesting puzzles. The game feels like you're playing the item trading sidequest in a zelda game without any of the other content.