Contained herein is reasonable evidence to suggest that Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood, decades before their "game" debut, were better environmental storytellers than just about anyone who has worked on a game with "-shock" in the title.

On a less caustic note, this is a pitch-perfect accompaniment for two albums that I thought would never be capable of eliciting strong feelings from me again after wearing them out in my younger years. Wish there was a Optimistic sequence but the triple-threat of How To Disappear/Pyramid Song/You and Whose Army? will make up for it.

Reviewed on Nov 23, 2021


1 month ago

even better than M&M's Shell Shocked? iunno about that one chief

1 month ago

The three song showcase you mentioned was definitely the high point for me. I'm glad this exhibit was converted into a game, I dont think they could achieve the same effect if it was an in person thing.

Also, now you've got me thinking about an immersive sim with the Kid A/Amnesiac visual style. I think that'd be pretty cool.