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Team Ninja's attempt at making a Sekiro clone turned out to be a showcase of absolute failure and ineptitude at designing games. That is mostly due to all the contradicting design choices existing in the game simultaneously
First off, RPG mechanics being a thing makes absolutely no sense when the flag marking system is far more significant in terms of mitigating the amount of damage you receive from mobs/bosses and how much damage you deal to them. While I initially thought the flag system was a genius addition, they somehow managed to execute it so badly that I have nothing really positive to say about it other than the concept itself.
Which brings me to my next major complaint about Wo Long and that is the combat and its piss poor execution when paired with the terribly designed enemies. So, despite the game being built around this combat mechanic called "Parrying", which is by all metric an offensive mechanic masked as defensive one but here it is entirely defensive and is simply a means to avoid getting hit until you stagger what you're fighting against, which clearly incentivizes braindead defensive playstyle. All of that is somehow amplified with the bosses being designed to keep you on the defense with annoying amount of follow ups to their strings to catch you off guard if you take a seemingly safe opening, which adds a lot of RNG to already mediocre movesets, thus making parrying an absolute low IQ guessing game. But credit where credit is due, the posture system in Wo Long is basically the perfected version of Sekiro's, which I find bafflingly stupid how they managed to not capitalize off it and actually deliver a cohesive combat package.
Oh and of course, can't forget to mention just how blatantly unbalanced the entire game becomes due to all the conflicting mechanics, which is the sole contributor to the difficulty curve being all over the place
I'll wrap up the review by quoting my friend
"Seriously their games feel like 10 different people in a project who just do their own thing without communicating with the others"
which also serves as a tldr for the review and my thoughts on Team Ninja in general

Cuphead: Delicious Last Course
This DLC amps up the presentation by a long shot with extremely fluid 2D animations accompanied by some fantastic soundtracks, giving each boss a distinctive personality despite the lack of any narrative. But mechanically most of these bosses are below subpar while comparing them to the rostar of the vanilla game. That's due to some being literal RNGfests with zero overall cohesiveness in their attack patterns and some are just plain out mediocre. Though the addition of the 3rd playable character was a brilliant move on the devs part as it adds a ton replayability to the overall game and her having the most fleshed out moveset out of the 3 makes it all the more fun to go back and fight some of the older bosses
tl;dr the additonal character is fun but all the new bosses are meh (pretty game)

Going in I expected to absolutely hate this game since I have a track record of dropping every other Rockstar titles I tried in the past but it turns out I ended up liking this one, quite a lot actually. Although, there are specific segments of the game combined with some bafflingly archaic and repetitive design choices that I disliked equally as much
The story is obviously the game's main selling point and oh boy did it not deliver on that front. It's a character-driven narrative with competent writing that is no less worthy of being called a narrative masterpiece. Anyone that's willing to look past the slow pacing at the start is bound to appreciate what the story has to offer given it picks up pretty fast, around 2 chapters in or so. Though, even the slower parts of the story weren't bad and that's all thanks to the memorable cast of characters, to further strengthen my point, I have a terrible memory when it comes down to names but I can recall the entire gang by their names.
But if you know me, the story will mean absolutely nothing if the game has nothing else going on for itself. So no matter how good it is, it's not the highlight in a "video game", it's the dynamic open world. If anyone as of now asks me what my favorite open world game is I'd say it's RDR2 at the drop of a hat, the open world is that good. The amount of effort that went into crafting the world is ridiculous given how there's rarely any repetition and every single encounter always has something new to offer. Exploring the open world for the first time stumbling across random chance encounters and stranger missions or just interacting with the world in general were some of the most fun I've ever had playing this game while being completely enamored by the realistic yet subtly stylized art direction.
Aaand this is where the praises stop, now it's time to whine
This game can be such a fucking waste of time to sit through after the honeymoon phase is over and I blame it all on the stupid obsession with realism Rockstar had while making this game. Oh you want to go from one corner of the map to another one to do a side quest or whatever? Good luck sitting through doing NOTHING while watching your horse in cinematic view from awkward ass angles for 10 minutes and more! Like, I don't care about your stupid boner for realism, don't waste my time and give me an option to fast travel like every other open world games
The gameplay during story missions are either stupid chores or straight up direction-following simulator made for mentally handicapped children. There's so little freedom as to how you can approach the missions it's infuriating, like what the hell do you mean "MISSION FAILED" just because I tried reaching our objectives a little ahead of the stupid NPCs I'm supposed to trail at the pace of a literal goddamn snail?? I swear every single story mission plays out literally the same. It's basically, you follow an NPC for minutes then engage in some unpolished and clunky cover based third person shooter then follow NPCs some more and repeat, it's literally so braindead. I'm sorry but if all you do are the main quests just to wrap up the game, you haven't actually played the game, you just watched some low IQ interactive movie. At least try and take notes from your own damn open world, it's not that hard.
The story also ends on a sour note with an extremely rushed epilogue that's somehow also needlessly stretched out for no goddamn apparent reasons. Honestly would've preferred if the credits rolled right after Chapter 6 instead of the washed up DLC ass epilogue that stretches on for 7 hours
Despite my complaints I still think the pros outweigh the cons, so it's a good game overall in my book. Though I don't recommend it if you don't have the patience for Rockstar's dated game design philosophy