I picked this up on a whim and I'm glad I did. It's short but super cute and even though I needed a guide for some of the levels, I still enjoyed playing through it and unlocking all the cats. Lint was the cutest little furball.

Honestly, I was surprised. I was expecting a rubbish, free-to-play VN I'd skip to get an easy 100% but I actually enjoyed playing through the 6 different routes and getting to know everyone. Yuta was best boy ♡

It's Maple and Cinnamon's turn to take center stage! They might be my least favourite catgirls but I liked learning about their backstory.

The price does not reflect the quality of this VN. It's a cute vampire story that's only 6 hours long. It even has a flow chart which makes it super easy to unlock the other routes.

For me, it was the perfect mix of an idle game, a deck builder and a roguelite.

It took just under 70 hours to get 100% and while I really enjoyed my time with it, I got really unlucky with RNG for the Broken Geography achievement and I'm so glad I don't have to wait for any more Prime Matters to spawn.

I don't know why this VN has so many positive reviews on Steam. Maybe, I'm missing something but I found it really dull. I liked the art but that's 4 hours I won't get back.

Just like Cats Organized Neatly this was adorable and the perfect game to play when I wanted to relax for a bit.