I'm only now getting back into gaming after movies took over my life. Will not rate games unless I have completed them or have spent enough time to decide on a rating. Can probably geek out about Persona 5 or Final Fantasy at length. If an HD port is listed as a separate game, I'll provide a rating for the original game, unless it's a remake or a remaster with notable changes.
This username is also my PSN if you want to add me there.
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Boasts some of the best and most atmospheric first-person gameplay that I've ever seen, yet also some of the most underwhelming boss fights and frustratingly designed levels that we've seen in any Resident Evil video game. There's a lot to love especially in just how playing the game feels like; but all these good elements that this game boasts never really reach their full potential because the lack of challenge in most of these boss fights really takes away from the urgency in just about every other factor here.
I don't think I can talk about the ending without saying what hasn't already been said, but it's where the game becomes at its most frustrating. The entire ship sequence is hard to navigate and it just gets really boring walking through it numerous times and the constant enemy appearances become less scary than they do annoying. To an extent I can say this does apply to the enemies in the rest of the game, but the manner in which they appear can be too unforgiving for their own good - and while much of Resident Evil is built around resource management, there's an extent where this ends up becoming a bit too much.
Still, I enjoyed playing this fine enough but the more it went on, the harder it became for me to say I loved it.

The controls certainly feel a whole lot more rough around the edges than they did on the GameCube eras, but it's not like I expected much else given the direction of the Super Monkey Ball games ever since. I think what's really keeping me from loving this in the same way that I did the zaniness of the first two Super Monkey Ball games just comes down to the fact that while it's definitely a lot more graphically pleasing - there's another aspect that just feels missing and perhaps it's just the fact that the way the stage tilts around only makes a chunk of the game feeling like you're controlling a rock.
And to a certain extent, that's always been the point of Super Monkey Ball. You're struggling to keep your balance like you're actually rolling around, which has always been the greatest charm of these games while they were very minimalist and inexpensive. But ever since these games got bigger, they just lost a lot of that.
Either way, I'm just a sucker for the stages that I loved playing when I was a kid so being able to revisit them as an adult felt really nice.

Being a remake of the first Yakuza video game, it serves its purpose extremely well. It's always fun just wandering around Kamurocho through Kiryu's eyes, but of course, it's the story that makes Yakuza Kiwami notable. Most of the combat being lifted from the exact same engine as Yakuza 0 ends up being what both works in its favour and its greatest hindrance.
It's great because the combat will always feel great to experience, especially for players who are looking for a way to enter the Yakuza series. But at a certain point, it also becomes stale - when the Dragon of Dojima was at one point your strongest fighting style before becoming nearly useless here.
That's not to say the Majima Everywhere system isn't a welcome addition, but considering how many encounters it takes overall to make the most out of Dragon of Dojima, there comes a point where it starts to become exhausting. Plus, the lack of QTEs in here compared to Yakuza 0 doesn't exactly make everything feel nearly as intuitive.